The Greatest Lesson Witches Teach Us

Witch in the forest

“ABRACADABRA!” You are familiar with this word, correct? Maybe you thundered it from on top of a couch cushion with your magic wand as a child? Or perhaps you remember it from a favorite witchy movie.

Do you know the original meaning of this word? It means, “I create what I speak.”

What is the greatest lesson that the witches of our childhood stories have to teach us?

Be very, very intentional with your words.

Let’s get metaphorical for a moment.

You have heard the traditional Native American tale, The Story of Two Wolves? A Grandfather is speaking to his grandson, sharing that we each have a tug of war going on within us. It is a struggle between two wolves. One wolf is angry, bitter, greedy, and selfish. This wolf is full of pride, desperate to prove itself worthy, constantly worrying and in a state of scarcity. The other wolf is joyful, living from love, open, optimistic and happy. It looks for possibility and only sees opportunity.

The grandson asks, which wolf wins the struggle? “The one you feed,” answers the Grandfather.

Witches understood this. They knew that their words had power and when spoken with intention, their words, or spells, could transform lives. They thought before they spoke. They paused to allow the significance of the words they were about to speak to sink in so they could choose, with full awareness, what they were about to create. No word is taken lightly. They all have tremendous power. What is your relationship to your words, spoken aloud or silently within?

Are you a curator of your words, choosing with discernment which ones to use to yourself or others? Do you allow your words to paint pictures of your heart’s desires coming to fruition or do they conjure up scenes of failed dreams or hopelessness?

“Thoughts become things,” Bob Proctor.

“Words become things,” is another way you could say this.

“In the beginning was the Word….” Seems not just witches held this knowledge.

I bet you have the words that someone spoke to you long ago stuck in your memory, indelibly printed on your consciousness. Or perhaps a phrase you heard or received randomly comes to mind more often than you would expect, for such a off-handed or long ago comment.

Maybe the words are loving or not. Maybe the words inspired greatness within you, or insecurity or sadness. I remember Oprah sharing that someone long ago, when she was in her teens, shared with her that she was going to do great things. She never forgot those words. What if she had never heard them?

You can create miracles for yourself and others with your words. Or, you can condemn yourself or others to patterns of disappointment, cowardice or fear. You get to choose.

Here are some words I have found helpful and shared with many to support desired change in your life. For example, perhaps you want to learn a new skill or hobby. And (not but) you do not have any experience in this new foray, nor do you feel particularly confident in your ability to learn this new skill or hobby.

What are your words around this desire of yours? Or what are the words you speak in regards to a job you dislike, a family member causing drama, or a current event that has you saddened? What you can say to create an opportunity for personal success and well being is, “Up until now…”

“Up until now, I have not believed I have what it takes to do xyz, and starting today I am more and more open to the possibility that I will succeed.”

“Up until now, I have found xyz family member to be incredibly disrespectful, and starting today I will imagine them turning over a new leaf.”

Another favorite will help you to replace the words “I am afraid” or “I am worried.” Is there a tropical destination calling to you and you “know” that you don’t have the time or the money? Instead of uttering the words “I can’t,” you can get curious.

“I am curious how I will find the time and money to go to xyz, and all I know is I want to go!”

Allow yourself to get curious before you write off your chances all together. Has anything ever come together unexpectedly in a way that delighted you? That can happen more and more, the more fluent you become in aligning your words with your desires.

What I know for sure, is that the more you speak to your desired future, the quicker, sooner, faster it can happen. You create miracles with your words. And so it is. Abracadabra!

Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living, providing practical tools & practices that free your mind from limitations and scarcity to create more in your life that lights you up from the inside out. This article is an excerpt from her newest book, 30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible on Amazon. Learn more about her art programs at



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