The Intuition Reset

The Intuition Reset

5 Ways to Adrenalize a Crucial Muscle

We all have intuition; it’s an innate power that we all possess. It is one of our most crucial ‘muscles’ that we rely on for guidance when faced with difficult decisions and challenges.  It provides us with insight on ourselves, people, and situations.   Unfortunately, our intuition can often be clouded and weakened by the ego – judgment, fear and anxiety replace our intuition and take over the decisions in our life.

How powerful would life be if we could all trust our intuition without judgement? The truth is judgement of self, others and situations can be extremely damaging to our ability to correctly interpret the signals that our intuition is sending. We often discredit our own judgement in favor of aligning with what society norm, but judgement weakens the strength of your connection with true insight, aka the intuition muscle.

This muscle is also crippled by fear.   Fear has an incredibly powerful impact on our lives and can prevent us from recognizing the potential in ourselves. It often serves as a barrier and can be a roadblock to uncovering our intuition. Intuition can provide clarity in decision-making and help us gain insight into the world around us. However, fear weakens this internal guidance system, numbing us to its guidance.

The good news is that intuition can be reset and strengthened so that it guides us through tough situations with confidence.  Here are five ways you can adrenalize this crucial muscle:

  1. Trust Your Gut: This might seem like a no-brainer, but following your intuition or gut feeling is essential when making decisions. Instead of second-guessing yourself or allowing other people’s opinions to sway you, trust yourself. Tune into your inner voice and allow it to guide you! Listen to your gut feeling when making decisions – instead of overthinking trust that the answers are already within. It’s time for self-empowerment on all levels!
  2. Find the Right Place for Judgment: Judgment and intuition can coexist, but it’s important to know when and where judgment is needed in your life. When making decisions, try to step back and ask yourself what intuition or gut feeling is telling you before you make a hasty decision. Get in touch with your inner guidance and trust that it will lead you to the right place. By tapping into intuition, we can make decisions based on our heartfelt desires rather than acting impulsively out of judgment. Take a moment to pause and be still – ask yourself if this is something that truly speaks to you before responding or committing. Explore ways to free yourself from judgement to open up a pathway for trusting your intuition and allowing it to lead you quickly and confidently towards success.
  3. Recognize the Signs and Patterns: We all receive signs and patterns that tell us which direction to go; by recognizing these signs, we can trust our intuition more when making decisions. Paying attention to the little things can help you uncover deeper meanings and trust yourself more when making choices. There are no coincidences in life, everything has been intricately designed and is laid out right before your eyes. When we are blind by fear and anger, we miss these signs.  Letting go of the these feeling will open our eyes and hearts to see what is right in front of us more clearly.  It will allow us to recognize the signs.
  4. Speak with Positive Language: Our language has a powerful influence on how we think and feel about ourselves; speaking positive affirmations encourages us to trust our intuition and be confident in the decisions we make. Anchoring ourselves in positive language provides us with opportunities to grow and develop. When we use negative language, we become heavier, and we suppress our intuition.   We must live lighter, more positive and we will experience the true breakthrough of our intuition.
  5. Recognize that Fear is a Survival Need: The fear response often shows up when we are making decisions or taking risks—this fear is necessary, as it helps to keep us safe in the physical world. Learning to recognize this fear and how it affects your intuition can help you make better decisions and stay true to yourself. Committing time to calming fear will lead you to a more balanced, centered state of mind which encourages strong intuitive connections that are key for making problem solving easy and dynamic.

By following these five steps, you will be able to adrenalize and reset your intuition and develop a stronger intuition ‘muscle’ that will lead to a deeper relationship with yourself so that you can trust your intuition more when making decisions. Intuition is an invaluable tool that can guide us through tough situations with clarity and confidence; don’t let judgment, fear or anxiety replace intuition in your life. Reset your intuition muscle and unlock the incredible power of intuition!

Tom Marino is a highly respected thought leader, success strategist, speaker, and author. After a period of personal transformation, he founded Monarch Life Coaching, LLC to help high achievers navigate seasons of transition by recognizing the power of their choices. His book, Bridge to Change, documents the simple process of transformation that he believes catalyzes greater appreciation and enthusiasm in our lives. He is the host of The Adrenalized Life Podcast. Tom works with people across the U.S. to help them overcome burnout and live adrenalized. Contact him by visiting, on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.





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