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The Key to Designing the Perfect Children’s Bedroom

Children grow up like lightening, don’t they? One minute they’re tiny bundles of joy and the next minute they’re proper people! The environment children grow up in is more important than we often realise, and whether you’re considering an only child or a whole boisterous tribe, the important thing is that the space is carefully planned to suit the kind of activity it will contain.

You see, good interior design is more than just interior decoration. Rather than just selecting charming wallpaper and joyous colours, interior design is closer to architecture in that it’s concerned with the layout of a space and the way that it directs everyday life. An interior designer looks, for instance, at the difference a simple screen can make to a space by creating zones and the way in which this can promote a more orderly, flowing (and aesthetically pleasing) existence.


When it comes to children’s bedrooms, one of the most important aspects to think about is the creation of a dynamic space that a child can develop in over the years. If a room is small then a cabin bed with a desk beneath it is a great way to utilise space. Similarly if a room is shared then a bunk bed leaves more floor-space for playing. There is even now such a thing as a triple bunk bed that looks perfectly tasteful and doesn’t leave anyone feeling crowded.


The old idea that boys like blue and girls like pink is not only verging on being politically incorrect these days but apart from anything is rather boring! A variety of colour stimulates us and is important for a developing mind, particularly for nurturing the often overlooked area of visual literacy. Colour also significantly affects our emotions.

It’s good to inject different colours into children’s’ bedrooms and this can be done in various ways. Feature walls are a classic means of introducing bright colour without overwhelming the senses. For instance a chimney breast can be picked out in a vivid orange whilst keeping the other walls white, or a slightly gloomy alcove can be lightened up with a something bold and striking such as a neon yellow.

Another technique is simply to hang very large, colourful pictures. The great advantage of so much abstraction being in vogue in the art world at present is that from a purely decorative point of view pictures are easy to play around with and fit into a scheme. You can say “What would look good here would be a square of pure red!” and it’s easily done. This isn’t to undermine or ignore the conceptual element of an abstract work but simply to be realistic about how it fits into an everyday setting.


Finally, with so many storage solutions available these days it shouldn’t ever be too difficult to get toys and clothes properly organised to cut down on the chaos. From simple under-bed drawers on castors and sweet little wardrobe organisers to clever designs like the Ottoman bed, there’s a lot of ingenious stuff out there now suitable for any budget.

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