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The Most Common Ways to Take Kratom

Many Americans suffering from chronic pain opt for natural relievers such as kratom instead of pharmaceuticals. It is crucial to learn how to use any drug, supplement, or substance for proper consumption. Most kratom users are aware of the fact that a beginner should start with lower doses before they work their way up. The effects of kratom may last 4 hours on average, though it depends on several factors like body mass and tolerance. Figuring out the proper dosage and the ways to use it will help one get the most of it.

The original fans of the herb used to pluck it and chew to derive maximum benefits. However, the herbs are bitter, may result in gulping, and requires a lot of chewing to reap maximum benefits. Furthermore, most of us don’t have a tree in our backyards. Luckily, kratom can be dried and delivered to you. Since the DEA withdrew their intentions of banning it, there are several places you can buy kratom from.

Once you have it, the next step is to find out how to use it. Below are the most common ways to take kratom.

  1. Toss and Wash

This is the most common and most natural method to take kratom. It needs you to measure the dose you need before you put the powder in your mouth, swill it around, and then swallow. Upon swallowing, you can take a drink of your choice to get rid of the aftertaste. Beginners are more likely to experience a slightly bitter taste after taking it this way. They also tend to split the dose into smaller amounts.

Users have invented several ways to deal with the herb’s bitterness. Some take a drink or herb more bitter than kratom to accustom themselves to the taste. Others mix kratom powder with olive oil, milk, and lemon juice to make it more enjoyable. Mixing the powder with warm water may also make the herb easier to swallow.

  1. Preparing Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is another common way to consume this herb. You will need to boil the leaves for 30 minutes on low heat. After boiling, let the water sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Consumers using this method report that it is effective and offers consistent results. Others may find it time-consuming, however. You can drink the brew cold or hot, depending on your preference, though most users say it tastes better when cold. 

  1. Mix Kratom with Yoghurt

Yes, kratom may be bitter, but it is not that bad. To make it more bearable, you can mix the powder with yogurt in order to mask the powder. Many specialists recommend users to take kratom on an empty stomach so mixing it with yogurt may hinder you from getting maximum benefits. If you still find kratom bitter after trying this method, consider putting kratom in your food. Usually, most people choose to swallow the powder and get it over with. 

  1. In Capsule Form

You should also consider taking it in capsule form. This is the best method for beginners since it is possible to buy it in the capsulated form already. After 30 minutes of taking it, you will begin experiencing its effects. The only challenge that comes with this method is you will need to take several capsules to meet the required dosage for the day. We recommend it for anyone who is busy, or for someone who cannot bear the taste.

  1. Adding Kratom to a Protein Shake

The best way to take kratom is mixing it into your protein shake. Apart from being easy to make, it perfectly masks the herb’s taste. To prepare the kratom protein shake, you will need chocolate milk and kratom powder. Add 2 or 3 chocolate tablespoons of the chocolate milk to an empty bowl and then mix the two until the mixture is homogeneous. 

  1. The Quid Way

This might just be the most convenient way to take it, though it is actually common in certain parts of the world. This method is best suited to areas with fresh kratom leaves. The quid way requires one to bundle fresh leaves and chew them while holding their saliva. By holding the saliva, the kratom bypasses digestion, making it a strong option. However, it is not an advisable method for those in areas with no access to fresh leaves. 

  1. Kratom Vapor

Some consumers prefer to smoke the leaves. However, it is not an efficient method as smoking dried kratom leaves may not yield intense results. One may be forced to smoke large portions to get better results. If this method suits you, make sure that you remain hydrated throughout.

Final Thoughts

There are several options for anyone looking to take kratom. Settle for an option that seems effective, sustainable, and convenient for you. If you can handle the taste of the herb, we recommend the toss and wash method. Ultimately, it is a personal decision that depends on your circumstances and preferences.

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