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The Objects Most Likely to Cause a Fire in Your Home

In the United States alone, there are between 350,000 to 400,000 house fires annually according to the National Fire Protection Association (NPA). There is a multitude of potential causes for such fires. Most of the objects that ignite a spark are common items that you may not think of. The following are the objects around your home that are most likely to cause a fire.


This seems pretty obvious, but it doesn’t mean people pay as much attention as they should. A large majority of house fires are the result of cooking-related incidents. Often, these are caused by a person who leaves the hot stove or oven unattended while cooking.

When cooking, it’s important to always keep an eye on the equipment you’re using. Be smart and use timers to aid in your cooking times. Keep your space clean by removing any flammable objects from hot surfaces. Carefully follow cooking instructions for special cooking appliances such as a fryer.

Heating Equipment

Between 2011 and 2015, heating equipment was responsible for 15 percent of all house fires. The NPA attributes proximity to flammable material as the leading factor in the ignition.

This material was often bedding, clothing, mattresses, furniture, or upholstery. Poor maintenance of equipment was another factor in the start of house fires.

To prevent any chance of disaster, ensure your heating equipment is annually cleaned and inspected. Situate your space heaters away from combustible objects, and turn heating equipment off when you leave your home.

Electrical Systems 

Faulty wiring and poor maintenance of electrical systems can cause major fires. Disasters that are ignited through electrical issues result in more than $1 billion in property losses every year.

There are quite a few signs that let you know if you’re dealing with bad wiring. Some signs include the lights dimming when you use more than one appliance, having to disconnect other appliances for just one to work, or fuses tripping or blowing frequently.

To prevent any fires, have a qualified electrician inspect your home. If you’re planning on remodeling, leave any electrical projects to a professional electrician. Rewiring electrical systems by yourself can lead to faulty wiring as well as injury. Also, always replace frayed and damaged cords and don’t overload your outlets.


Candles make great decorations and provide pleasant scents throughout your home. However, they’re also one of the leading fire hazards in your home.

Candles are responsible for about 35 reported home fires each day in the United States. They’re responsible for about 5 percent of deaths in these incidents per year.

To prevent any dangerous situations, don’t leave your burning candles unattended and blow them out before you head to bed each night. Ensure your candles are placed on sturdy stands and keep them away from flammable items.


Barbeques are a great way to cook some delicious food and have an outdoor gathering. However, people often place their grills too close to the home. Keep your BBQ away from any outdoor furniture, tablecloths, or plants.

You also want to keep it cleaned and maintained with regular care. Use water and soap. Clean all removable parts. Finally, remember to always check your gas to ensure there are no leaks each time before use.

Restore Your Home from Fire Damage 

Even with the best preparation, accidents can occur. When a house fire starts, it can cause extensive and severe damage. No matter the damage, be sure to take the proper steps to restore your home from fire damage.

While a fire can completely destroy your furniture, belongings, and your fittings, leaving these items in ash, it can also damage your home’s structure. It can result in burst pipes, ruined electric systems, and collapsed walls or ceilings. The smoke from this destructive force is just as dangerous to your house. It can stain your valuables and walls, leaving stains and an unpleasant odor behind.

Restoration companies like All Dry USA can help fix your fire damage. These services are critical in ensuring that your fire damage is dealt with quickly and properly. With your own caution and the help of some professionals, you’ll avoid the major damage associated with house fires. And with the tips above, you can avoid those fires from starting in the first place.

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