The Philanthropic Side Of Amit Raizada

Over the years, Entrepreneur Amit Raizada has had a number of successful business ventures directly connected to him. Way back in 2002, he was the founder of Spectrum Business Ventures. That eventually led to more than 60 operating companies in just about every field imaginable. It has also led to a focus outside of the office on giving back to the community. While always having a passion for giving, he finally had the Net Worth to make it more of a reality.

Very early on as a businessman, Raizada fully started to realize just how important giving back is to the community. There are so many people who would lend a helping hand along the way, and being a positive role model in the community is something that he does not take lightly one bit. Having the time and money to help out, philanthropy is something that he hopes to focus on more and more in the coming years.

In 2016, Raizada started to really focus on the emerging e-sports and gaming world. Partnering up with Stratton Sclavos and other partners they quickly became leaders in the esports industry thanks to their forward thinking and relentless work ethic. Around the same time, Raizada started to really focus on ways to give back to those who really are in need.

Launching Vision Global Foundation

In the past, Rezeta had really focused on giving back here and there when his time and money would allow it. Thanks to an increase to success, he knew that it was time to get a little bit more serious. That is when he decided to launch Vision Global Foundation, and arm of Vision Venture Partners that focused solely on philanthropy. This arm would keep everything a little bit more organized, and also act as motivation to give back as much as possible instead of possibly pushing it aside.

The initial plan was pretty simple. Ten percent of the company’s net income and ten percent of the employees time at VVP would be dedicated towards giving back to the community. Raizada had a few ideas in mind, but he began to focus on the Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

At the Orphaned Starfish Foundation, children are dealing with a number of challenges completely out of their hands. They take in kids who have previously faced abuse as well as terrible living conditions. By donating time and money, VVP has been able to help out a growing number of children who otherwise could be stuck in situations that have little to no hope whatsoever.

In the future, Raizada hopes that his business ventures are able to substantially help out not only more orphans, but other local foundations as well. With more employees coming on board, that just means more hands that are free to provide assistance in the community on any given day.

Past Philanthropic Endeavors

Giving back is something that Raizada grew up with, and he has been someone who has a caring heart for years now. Years ago, his family donated a generous gift to the University of Kansas Hospital to help with the purchase of MediGuide Technology. This technology helps out cardiologists in particular, giving them state of the art views of the heart without having to expose people to a lot of radiation. The gift was something that was put to use right away by the University of Kansas, and they were one of the first in the nation to get this technology.

Thanks to the donation, Kansas named the lab after his family. It is now known as the Raizada Family Electrophysiology Lab, which is located at the Center for Advanced Heart Care at the University of Kansas.

Since being out on his own, Raizada has focused on organizations ranging from Autism Speaks to The Kaw Valley Behavioral Health Care Center. He continues to give back to all the universities he attended as well. To this day, he continues to support Michigan State both on the academics and athletics side of things since he is a Spartan through and through.

Helping Locally

With homes in Los Angeles and Miami, Florida Raizada is hoping to make an impact in both areas. The two cities obviously get a lot of attention for the flashy side of things, but he understands that there are a lot of people struggling in those very same areas.

Unlike others with a growing net worth, Raizada continues to focus on giving back in multiple ways. Donating money only is something that he feels is not as genuine as also giving time. Time is something that shows a person really cares about a particular project. It is something that his family always focused on, and it is something he hopes to pass down to all employees as well.

Running multiple businesses can take up a lot of time and energy. There are days in which Raizada simply does not feel like he has the time to fit everything in. Despite occasionally having those difficulties, there is a strong drive to be an active member of society in the two cities that he calls home at this point in his life after being born in New Delhi, India and also living in Kansas City, Missouri.

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