The Post-Wedding Checklist: What to Do After Your Special Day

In the lead up to your wedding, there will inevitably be a list of things you need to plan and organize. While you may be busy choosing a venue, finding a band and learning how to slow dance, you may not be thinking about what happens after your special day is over.

After you’ve tied the knot and said, “I do” — and have left the reception as Mr. and Mrs. — there are a few things you still need to take care of. Here is the checklist you need to follow after your wedding day:

Decide What to Do with the Dress

Your wedding gown will be the ultimate statement piece at your wedding, but it’s unlikely you will ever wear it again. Having your dress professionally cleaned and packed will ensure it’s preserved for years to come. Keep it as a hand-me-down or as a memento for yourself.

If you don’t want to keep your wedding dress, then consider selling it to another bride-to-be. Look for online marketplaces that specialize in wedding attire and be patient, as this process can take time. Want to be creative?

These days, a trend called “trash the dress” is all the rage, where brides take photos in their wedding gown in the ocean, puddles or anywhere that’s muddy.

Send Thank You Cards

Attending a wedding is a commitment and often requires giving a gift. It is good etiquette to send out thank you cards shortly after your big day to show appreciation to those who attended your nuptials and gifted you with something special and meaningful. When it comes to picking out thank you cards, choose a sophisticated design, and consider including a photograph of you, the happy couple, as a keepsake.

Officially Change Your Name

For brides who decide to take their husband’s name, it can be cumbersome and difficult to officially implement this change. Your driver’s license, Social Security card and the name on your bank accounts are just a few key items that will require your attention. Plus, everything from your workplace email address to the personal information on your online shopping accounts and memberships will need to be updated, but these can be done slowly over time.

Freeze the Wedding Cake

It’s traditional for newlyweds to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake and share it on their first anniversary. This should be done as quickly as possible to ensure the cake stays fresh. You can do this by removing any inedible decorations and placing your cake in the fridge to cool overnight.

When it’s cool to touch, wrap the cake in plastic and cover it in foil. You can then place it inside a plastic freezer container. When wrapped and stored tightly without any air or moisture getting in, your wedding cake should still taste delicious one year later.

Take Some Time to Relax

The days following your wedding can feel like an anticlimax, and feeling a range of emotions is normal. This is a good time to have a honeymoon or a few quiet days at home with your spouse. Planning a wedding is time-consuming, and yet when your special day arrives, it can all go by in an instant. You and your partner both deserve to put your feet up and be pampered after all your hard work planning a wedding.

The After-Wedding Checklist

Once your wedding day has passed, there are still a few small tasks you need to take care of and complete. Changing your last name, sending out thank you cards, freezing your wedding cake and deciding what to do with your dress are just a few items you should put on your post-wedding checklist.