The Process of Renting Out Vacation Homes

Individuals who own a property and want to rent it out for vacations focus on the busy times. They want to ensure they make the maximum income during the tourist season. What they often overlook when doing so involves handling slow periods. Learn how to rent out vacation homes during the off-season and generate more income. The following tips make it easy to keep the property in high demand all year. 


What makes the location special? Use this information when marketing the property and watch the bookings roll in. For example, a homeowner in Illinois may market the property to history lovers by emphasizing the property’s proximity to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Share information about slow times of the year for this library and the best times to visit to avoid crowds. These are often during the off-season, and the owner benefits from drawing these people in. A vacation rental owner in South Dakota could highlight the property’s proximity to the National Music Museum. Each state has unique attractions, and the owner should share these attractions with potential guests when renting out vacation homes

Luxury Amenities

Luxury amenities draw people in. They want access to items they don’t have at home, such as a game room or hot tub. This addition doesn’t need to cost a fortune. For example, build a collection of board games for families and friends to play when staying in the rental or put plush chairs and a popcorn machine in a room and provide access to a few streaming services. This cinema room becomes the perfect place for families to relax when they want to wind down after a day of exploring. High-caliber amenities allow the guests to enjoy themselves and truly feel as if they are on vacation. 

Marketing to Diverse Audiences

Homeowners often market solely to tourists and miss out on bookings as a result. For example, market the property to bridal parties or offer it up as an excellent place for a corporate retreat. Some owners choose to host a writers’ workshop or a knitting getaway. As many people work from home today, they have the opportunity to get away more. Offer them an office away from home and bring in more renters. The ideas remain endless. However, insurance companies may require the event host to be added to the insurance. In certain situations, the insurer has the owner purchase additional liability coverage. Learn this before proceeding with these special events.

Holiday Magic

Holidays bring families together. Offer the family a vacation rental at an incredible price and they may return every year to enjoy the magic. Highlight special events taking place during the holiday season. This may be a Christmas festival, an egg roll for Easter, or a Memorial Day parade. By sharing information about these attractions, the property owner helps the potential renter envision a perfect getaway surrounded by loved ones. It makes the holiday magical in every way. 

Take a unique angle to market a property and experience bookings year-round. The above ideas serve as only a few of countless ways a property owner can generate additional interest in their vacation rentals during the off-season. Try one today and see how well it works for you. Once you see the number of new bookings it brings in, you’ll want to implement more of these tips to keep the property in demand twelve months of the year. 



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