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The Pros and Cons of Bay Window Shutters

We all love our homes to look their best, but you get there is a matter of style points and little imagination. We want all our rooms to look good, and letting the light in is one to way to help achieve that look. And no matter how many sides your bay windows have, the right style shutter is waiting for you. Bay windows are an excellent way to make the most use of the space you have available, and enhancing them with some tailored shutters is going to give your space a sleek and clean look, that is easy to maintain.

Curtains and drapes tend to take up more space than they need to, leaving you with a little less than you originally bargain with, and eating away at the limited space that you do have. Designed perfectly to catch the light while blocking it from entering directly, bay window shutters have been specifically designed to catch the sunlight, allowing it to create the perfect ambiance in any room, any time of the day.

Unlike other soft furnishings, bay window shutters can be tilted to allow the sunlight in, brightening any room in the house, while at the same time eliminating the direct glare of the sun that inevitably leads to that fading color found on your furniture. 

There are heaps of advantages to being gained by installing and using bay window shutters, and here we are going to take a closer look at some of those pros, and cons. 


This list of pros should paint you a rather comprehensive picture regarding the benefits of fitting your home with bay window shutters. So let’s get into them:

Increase the Value of your Home

Shutters are the only window fixtures that are actually going to add value to the final price of your home, once you decide to sell of course. The great thing is that even if you are not planning to sell anytime soon, adding shutters to your bay windows is an investment that lasts for years. Your investment now in your bay window shutters may just lead to some unexpected returns once you do decide to sell. The other side of that coin is that you will have the pleasure of enjoying them before you do decide to sell.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We know that everyone’s taste is different, luckily for your shutter look great, and suit a whole range of personal preferences. Their timelessness has afforded that they never go out of style. Unlike ordinary window covers and curtains, bay window shutters are not something that can just be purchased off the shelf. Their custom look and design dictate that they require a little more exclusivity than that. Now, whether your style is contemporary, art deco or something transitional, all your unique and individual shutter styles can look pleasant on the eyes from inside your home, and even from the streets.

Kerb-Side Appeal

Now, although they are going to look great on the inside of your home, bay window shutters tend to add a touch of class and style when viewed from the outside, again adding value to your property at the end of the day. They really stand out when viewed from the road and make a rather bold and confident statement. More than that, any potential buyers will see that this is a home that has been loved, and care taken at every turn to ensure this house is now a home.


Quality shutters are designed and intended to last for decades, and as such, have been not been kitted with any strings that may just get in the way of perfection. With no fabric or cords to get tangled and snagged, these hardly products have stood their test of time.  When compared to other, less durable window coverings, bay window shutters are a no brainer when it comes to making an investment decision for your home.

Easy to Clean

Clean up is a breeze when it comes to window shutters. A swift duster or a damp cloth for those spills and splashes is all that you are going to need to keep them looking in tip-top condition for years to come. And like most people, who wants the hassle of a big and complicated cleanup job anyway? Especially when it comes to windows.

Insulating and Economical

Installing shutters to go with your bay window offers you more than just style points and light control. They are able to reduce heat loss within the home by as much as 50%, all depending on your choice of shutter style of course. Being thermally dynamic as well, bay window shutters will also reflect cold air away from the outside of your home, creating a barrier of insulation around your home that, in the long-run, is going to end up saving you money. And who doesn’t enjoy saving money? Who knows, your shutters may even pay for themselves with the money you manage to save on your heating bill. Now wouldn’t that be a welcome bonus?


In the bay window shutter business, versatility is one of the keys to its success. With hundreds of design options to choose from, you can really spread your wings and fly. From, the number of panels and their color, to the frame and specific installation, bay window shutters are the most versatile window coverings around today, and are even ideal for that oddly shaped section you find hard to cover. Not to worry though, has everything that you could want from your shutter professionals…and more. When it comes to getting what you want, you are a simple click away.

Light Control

Light control with bay window shutters is a breeze. By simply adjusting the louvers you are in full control of the amount of light that you let into the room. Simply angle it up, and the light goes up. Angle it down, and the light goes down. It is as easy as that, and light can also be indirectly, without any angle, whenever you feel the need. The different size louvers available provide you with an array of varying views, opening completely to let all the light in, or they can be closed completely to create a darkened and movie-theatre type ambiance. Some shutter even comes with the added advantage of allowing each panel to be individually adjusted, giving you the ultimate control when it comes to your lighting preferences. You never have to move because the sun is in that awkward position ever again. Simply make your necessary adjustments and viola. Whatever your preference, bay window shutters are the one-time window cover that has got you covered.

Much can be said about the amazing aspects of bay window shutters, and amazing they do. But with the good must come the not so good, and this is that time when we take a look at the not so hot things that make bay window shutters exactly what they are.


Well, bay window shutters may sound like the ideal way to make your house a home, there are a few things that need to be mentioned to give them fair representation. Life is not all glitz and glamour all the time, and now we are going to look at the darker side of these incredible enhancement features, helping you to decide if they are the right fit for your home:

Higher Price Point

Bay window shutter does come with a higher than average price when compared to other, less versatile, window covering options such as curtains. Now, although they are not the most expensive covers you can get for your bay window, they do come with a larger price tag. In their defense, bay window shutters from Window shutters are more than just a sunlight deterrent, they are an investment that is going to live with your house even longer than you may choose to live in it. However, when budget restrictions is a concern and an issue, plans can be made to get done what is necessary, for example; choosing to have shutters fitted only on your bay windows that may be facing the street.

Tricky for Tilt Windows

If you happen to have tilt-in windows for your bay area, they will certainly inhibit and reduce the full functionality of your shutters. They can however be mounted on the outside of the window opening, to ensure that full use of the shutter and windows are available. So people do, however prefer the flush look of an inside or semi-inside mount shutter, as opposed to having it fitted on the outside of the windows. This option is the best, and well the only real option, for those with tilt-in windows who are looking to preserve these windows features.

Furniture Placement Could Negate Functionality

If you have and enjoy your furniture placed directly in front of your window, it may not work out as well for your shutters. Hinging open a shutter panel does require some room to move, and not having this space available is going to lead to the under-utilization of your new investment. During your consultation with experts, make sure to mention what furniture you wish to remain in place, and what the best new placement is for the rest. This is a simple kind of problem that requires no real Master’s degree to solve. The chair can be moved, the shutters are here to stay and add value.

Waiting Times

Of all the bay window coverings available, shutters may have the longest lead time. Meaning that if you are looking to move in the next few weeks, then changing to shutters may not be in your best interests just yet. Shutters can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to arrive, and need to be ordered early if you are looking to have them at any specified time. Think of your bay window shutters as being a fine piece of custom craft furniture, perfectly designed and tailored to suit your needs, and fit your windows. All good things come to those who can wait. Although this may not be the deciding factor for you once it comes to you getting your bay window shutters done, it is, however, something to be considered during the entire process. Thankfully, temp shades have been invented as a temporary fix, so naked windows don’t have to expose you.

No Real Place to Hide

While those with bay window shutters seem to love the open and expose full view, after dark things are not as rosy. The tons of natural light that are allowed in through these shutters is great, but when the night rolls in, keeping you completely invisible is not on their to-do list. If you are the kind of person that does enjoy their privacy, disappearing from the world completely, then shutters are not the ideal answer you have been looking for. While the panels do close to an angle, they do not pull a disappearing act like other shades do. Hey, are there and they are proud of it.

Makes Your Room Hot

Similar to a kind of greenhouse, bay windows can make your rooms very hot in the summer. One simple solution is to use Roman shades to keep your window nook cool. Another of the many energy efficient bay window treatments is Low-E glass, which will keep your home much cooler in the warmer days. Low-e glass is also one of the most effective bay window treatments for reducing the amount of heat that escapes from your home in the colder months.

Investing in bay window shutters may, at first glance, seem a little above what you were initially willing to spend, but once you start to feel the incredible benefits and added value, you will know that you have made the right decision for your home. For all the good and all the not so good that bay window shutters may or may not bring with them, not having them installed I only going to put you out of place with the Jones. So no matter the shape or size, has got all your bay window shutter needs covered. With expert advice and decades of experience, the right shutter fitting professional can help you decide if shutters for your bay windows is the right choice for you.

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