The Secret Language of Spirit

Create a life you love by learning the language of the Creator

Imagine for a moment the life of your dreams, a life you would absolutely love living, in all its glorious details. As soon as you allow the reverie to unfold, it’s likely you’ll be met with a bunch of objections from your mind about how impossible and unrealistic that is – especially right now.

Pandemic. Corruption. Pollution. Climate change. Injustice. It’s crazy out there, and if you pay attention to the media, you’re being force-fed a steady diet of fear. But you don’t have to put your dreams on hold. This is the time to lean into them!

Wallace Wattles, the author of the classic The Science of Getting Rich, said, “To think according to appearance is easy, but to think Truth regardless of appearances is laborious”.

The truth is that Spirit knows no time and respects no circumstance. It speaks to us continually through images of what we would love to be, do, have, give and create. It seeks expression through us in the form of a life we would truly love living.

Despite earthly appearances to the contrary, this universe is governed by immutable laws of perfect grace and mathematical precision. Life reveals to us a higher order of exquisite balance, harmony, and beauty if we know how to decipher its codes.

These codes constitute what we call dharma, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the way’ or ‘the law’. These are permanent principles by which Creation creates and operates – the secret language of Spirit.

Why secret? Because the invisible laws which govern Creation are just that – invisible. They underlie appearances. And when we get caught up in appearances, facts and conditions, and mistake them for truth, the voice of Spirit is muted.

But we can learn to hear and speak the language of Spirit by holding solid state on Truth, regardless of appearances.

Actually, the language of Spirit is our native tongue. We were born knowing it, because we have an innate capacity to recognize Truth. But if it wasn’t nurtured in us, we gradually lost touch with it until we forgot we ever knew it. Many of us share a deep and primal feeling of having lost something precious somewhere along the way – that innate sense of connection with our own Infinite.

We can never truly lose it; it merely slumbers. But do we have to relearn the language consciously, as adults, and take responsibility for our creative power.

Becoming fluent in the language of Spirit is like becoming fluent in any new language. Immersion is key, and continued practice is essential.

If you really want to learn a new language, you listen to it, read it, write it, and speak it as often as possible. You learn the rules of grammar, you increase your vocabulary, you work on your accent and rhythm. But most of all you get out there and use it.

At first, you’re hesitant, halting, and you make mistakes. You have a hard time understanding what’s being said and you miss a lot; you express yourself in limited ways, and sometimes you may feel frustrated that you cannot make yourself understood as clearly and precisely as you would like. But you’re willing to be uncomfortable in the service of your growth.

Eventually things start to flow more, and you’re able to not only decode what you’re hearing, but also communicate your thoughts and intentions more clearly, and in time, with more subtlety and power.

In my second language of French, I continually work on improving my fluency, because I passionately care about expressing myself at the highest level.

I want more than just being able to make sense of what I hear, more than being able to ask for directions and order food at a restaurant. I want to communicate with all the nuance, humour and wit that I command in my native tongue. And I want to be able to play.

How much fluency do you want with the language of Spirit? How important is it to you to bring forth the life of your dreams? Is it ok with you to feel tongue-tied, frustrated and limited? Or would you rather experience your creative power and actualize more and more of your true potential?

To increase your fluency with the language of Spirit, familiarize yourself with the three universal laws listed below. Each one has an associated mantra to help you practice the language of Spirit. It’s good to write these mantras on index cards and keep them with you, as well as reviewing them before bed to implant them in your subconscious.

Focus your attention on the following universal laws for 7 days and refuse to make agreement with any appearances to the contrary.

  1. The Law of Creation. We automatically create our reality based on our vibrational frequency; it is our very nature to create, because we are made in the image of the Creator. If we wish to change the results in our creation, we must make a vibrational shift first.
  • Fluency Action Step: accept the truth that you are creating your reality with every breath. Whenever you forget, remind yourself with the mantra, “I am the Creator of my experience. I am empowered and responsible.”
  1. The Law of Reflection. The reality we create is a perfect reflection of our beliefs, conscious and unconscious. Reality is a mirror that reflects to us what we truly believe, deep down. If you want to know what you really and truly believe you deserve, look at your life. The pain points show you the areas of dissonance where you are not yet in the flow of universal law. Trust the reflection you are being shown as coming from a benevolent universe that wants only your highest good.
  • Fluency Action Step: Drop resistance and blame with regard to any situation you have judged as bad, wrong or unjust. Whenever you find yourself complaining or feeling like a victim, bring yourself back to Truth with this mantra: “I am being shown where I have yet to love and accept myself fully. Even if I cannot see the divine intelligence in this reflection, let me stay open to it revealing itself to me”.
  1. The Law of Abundance. We live in an abundant universe. There is no such thing as lack. Where there appears to be lack or scarcity, there is simply a lack of awareness of the Truth, which is abundance. 
  • Fluency Action Step: notice and place your attention on abundance wherever you observe it (nature is a great place to start). Whenever you notice thoughts of lack or scarcity, replace them with this mantra, “I am a divine spirit having a temporary human experience. Abundance is my birthright and I am intrinsically worthy of all the good I desire. I am provided for, supported and sustained”.

If you lean into this practice for 7 days, you will move a lot of energy and start to shift your reality. But don’t take my word for it, get out there and start using the language!

It’s time for us to remember the secret language of Spirit. In so doing we manifest the most cherished dreams of our hearts, play with the Universe and delight in our birthright as children of the Infinite. We enter a higher order of being, individually and collectively. There’s never been a better time to say yes to our destiny: ascension.

Claire Lautier is an inspirational speaker, teacher, spiritual coach and Certified Life Mastery Consultant who specializes in helping clients reclaim their creative power and consciously design deeply fulfilling lives in alignment with their highest purpose. For more information and resources, visit



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