The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Earrings for you

A suitable pair of earrings is a great addition to your look if you care about wearing jewelry. The options are quite many. However, not all work for every based on fashion, tastes and preferences. Today, moissanite earrings are a common choice for many people due to their elegance and ability to customize. Therefore, you may want to get started by looking at them.

So, what defines the best earrings for your style?  Well, this depends on various things. In essence, there is timeless and luxurious jewelry fit for different occasions and personalities. Therefore, you must understand that not every set of earrings you find in the market is fit for your use.  In that case, you must study the available options to pick the best.

What to consider in your choice of earrings 

If you want your earrings to complement your dressing and look, you must take the time to know what works for you. There is a wide range of options ranging from classic ear studs to more beautiful dangling designs. Therefore, this guide will help pick your earrings without much struggle. Here are important considerations to make:

  1. Match your earrings with your face shape 

A set of earrings is part of the things that frame your face. Therefore, you should consider your face shape when choosing what earrings to wear. Faces are square, oval, heart or oval. Each of these requires a certain type of jewelry to enhance its look.

An oval face is a forehead with wide cheekbones. This is for those with a face narrowing from the cheeks towards the chin. Such a face needs round studs to create a complete appeal.  Heart-shaped faces have cheekbones that are wider but tapering to the chin. In that case, dangling earrings are a great option.

If you have a round face, it means you have a wide expanse across the cheekbones narrowing slightly at the chin and forehead. Medium-width dangle earrings work well with such a face. For those with a square face, rounded earrings help to soften your face edges that are usually narrow in either way around the cheekbone, forehead and jawline.

  1. Earrings choice based on the hairstyle

Everything around your face and head plays a critical role in the choice of earrings that you will make. Therefore, your hairstyle comes into the picture as well. That calls for attention to every detail on your face. For your earrings to complement your face, they should not contrast your hairstyle. This is important for giving you an elegant and chic look.

Dangling earrings are great for hair that is done up or in a ponytail or bun. This set of earrings is infamous for vanishing in hair hence a good choice for such hairstyles. For those with a stylish pixie cut, ear studs of all kinds and styles work best. Therefore, your type of hairstyle goes a long way to determining the kind of earrings you can wear.

  1. Earrings choice by occasion

If you care about fashion, every occasion demands a certain style of dressing. Therefore, you cannot wear the same earrings all the time. You need variety to match the occasion. Most importantly, your choice should shape your overall look and image.

Some earrings are perfect for formal occasions, wearing to the office and others for special events. Prong studs and round halo studs are perfect for a classic and professional look in the office and at formal events. However, dangling earrings go well with informal occasions such as romantic occasions.

Important Advice 

As you prepare to pick your earrings, you need to put everything into consideration. The obvious point of reference should be your face. However, your hairstyle and the occasion for the dressing will come in to define what you can wear. Therefore, you will need a collection of earrings to match your dress in all these scenarios.

Final Thoughts 

Earrings work best if you thoughtfully choose them. Therefore, make use of this guide to identify the style that suits you at any one given moment. In that case, you cannot afford to have a set of earrings for all occasions. Different moments and outlooks will require different sets of earrings.





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