The Ultimate Summer Pet-Friendly Activities

The summer months are here, and one of the best parts of this time of year is heading out for fun new adventures with your four-footed friends. Owning a pet is one of the simple joys of life and something that millions of people around the world get a chance to do. The amount of joy, happiness, and satisfaction that owning a pet can bring to a person is hard to compete with. 

Before heading out for some awesome summer adventures, here are some good things to remember! 

Water, Water, Water!

Always remember that before you head out for any kind of summer, outdoor adventure with your four-footed adventure buddy, you should always have excess water. One of the best ways to do this is to get a gallon or two of water and store it in your car that way it’s always there. Another important piece of equipment for the adventures of summer is going to be a portable doggy bowl that you can use at the park, on a hike, or out at the beach. 

Making sure your animal friends stay hydrated is one of the biggest responsibilities of the summer months, and with the right tools and strategy, it’s not hard at all to do! 

Pet Insurance

Another great tool to have in place for the health of your pets this summer is pet insurance. Pet insurance is something that can help give you peace of mind that your animal companion is ready for anything life throws at them. These policies help to cover the cost of expensive treatments that include both accidents, as well as illness. 

The good thing about pet insurance is that it can also help to cover the cost of year vet appointments, and in some policies even preventative care treatments. Having a pet can be pricey as vet visits, food, grooming, and equipment can all add up pretty quickly. Pet insurance is a tool that can quickly pay for itself, as it allows owners to have access to necessary pet healthcare when they need it.

The best part about pet insurance is that it’s flexible. This allows pet owners to find policies that work with their pocketbooks, and protect their pets. The peace of mind that having pet insurance brings can be a huge part of how you enjoy this summer. 

Pet-Friendly Summer Activities 

Now that some of the fundamental aspects are out of the way, here are some awesome summer activities that are pet-friendly for you to enjoy this summer!

Car Rides With the Windows Down

One of the best parts of summer is being able to hit the open road and roll the windows down. This isn’t just something humans love to do either. No matter how old your dog is, taking them out for a short road trip from time to time is something they will always get so excited to do. This is something you can do on days that may be a little too hot for outdoor adventures, or when you are too tired to hit the park or the walking trails.  

Hiking Near Water 

Hiking is a popular activity that lots of pet owners love to do with their pets. During the hot summer months, always be aware of how hard it is for your dog to cool down. This means choosing hikes with plenty of shade and taking a lot of water for both you and your canine companion. One way to make sure you are taking care of your dog is to choose a hike that has natural water sources. Giving them a chance to jump in a river, lake, or creek when it gets hot is a great way to enjoy a hike safely this summer.

Play Fetch at the Beach

Another great source of water that you and your pet will love, is the beach. Playing fetch on the sand during the summer months is something they will always be thankful to do. When it gets a little toasty, they can always jump in the water and cool down. Just be sure to bring extra shade, and even an extra beach towel for them to take a nap on. 

Early Morning or Evening Park Time

The summer is hot, but that doesn’t mean you need to neglect the park. Instead, structure your day so you can take your pup out when the weather has cooled off. This might take some adjustment on your part, but taking your dogs to the park either in the early morning or cool evening is something they won’t be able to thank you enough for. 


This summer make all the memories you can with your animal companions, and do so with the ease of mind that pet insurance can bring you. With coverage that works for you and your pet, you can enjoy this summer and all the adventures!



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