Things to know before heading to Canada

For those that ever decide to head to Canada, whether it be for the first time or for the 100th time, there are always plenty of different things to know before travelling to the North American country.

Indeed, with so much available to do and see, it would be incredibly hard not to get excited about a trip to the nation, regardless of how many times a person has been there.

With so many of the biggest cities in the country providing plenty of sports teams that compete at the highest levels of their respective sport or the fact that each of the cities provides some of the best nightlife experiences that can be had anywhere across the world, it is no surprise that Canada is at the top of the list for many as a tourist destination.

Here are just some of the best things to know about before travelling to the country:


With each of the cities being amongst some of the biggest in the world, they are also considered to be amongst some of the best, as well. In recent articles to have been published about the country, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary were each voted inside the top 10 cities that were believed to be the most livable, coming third, fourth and fifth respectively.

It would also be worth pointing out that Toronto is not the country’s capital city, with it appearing to confuse many. Of course, Ottawa (which is also located in Ontario) is in fact the capital and is a city that has everything.

Canada is sports mad

Indeed, the cities that are available in Canada have also made the country incredibly appealing, with many of them being amongst some of the best for sports events. For instance, those who visit the province of Quebec will be able to go to Montreal and be able to get involved in the best Sports Betting Canada has to offer due to the Montreal Canadiens’ continued progression in the NHL Conference Finals as they look to reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

Of course, there are a number of different cities and regions to visit in the country, with Toronto in Ontario one such destination that provides visitors with plenty, such as the potential to watch sports teams such as the Toronto Raptors in the NBA and the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL, whilst Vancouver is also represented by the Vancouver Canucks.


Naturally, the enormous country has become an incredibly popular tourist destination over the years and continues to appeal to many that are looking to visit the region, with a huge number of different landmarks and attractions such as Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains just some of the most famous places to visit. These stunning locations offer visitors a number of opportunities to take in the sights of their natural beauty, whether it be in regards to photography or just simply checking off a bucket list item.


Perhaps known famously around the world, the weather in Canada is a completely different beast from anywhere else on the planet at the best of times.

The region is typically covered with a blanket of snow at the best of times throughout the winter months, whilst the temperatures can plummet to unearthly numbers. For instance, the coldest ever temperature recorded was in 1947 in Yukon when it reached -63°C, which is said to be the same temperature of the surface on Mars. Typically, the vast majority of the country in the winter can see levels drop to as low as -30°C or -40°C, which is still incredibly cold.

Naturally, the summer months can be warmer, though, so all those aforementioned landmarks and sporting events that can be experienced can be enjoyed in better climates.

Two different languages

One of the other best things to know before travelling to Canada is the fact that certain regions will speak a different language to each other, as there are two official languages. Of course, large parts of Canada will use English as their mother tongue and native language, however regions such as the province of Quebec will generally use French as their official dialect.

It should be noted that French is really only used in Quebec, as they look to keep things as French as possible in regards to their subculture, but it is certainly worth pointing out if a trip to Montreal is planned.



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