Three Best Tips to Creating Wealth with Self-Love Practices

We live in an abundant world where there is unlimited wealth for every one of us. You’ve probably come across dozens of articles, books, even movies that talk about how to manifest money and attract wealth. Few people, however, can actually achieve it. It’s not for lack of desire, or lack of doing it correctly. It’s not even for lack of believing. Many people wholeheartedly believe that if they read or listen to the steps and follow directions they can turn their financial rut into financial bliss. But, when they can’t, they give up.

Here’s the thing if you are one of them: You’re not lacking motivation, focus or belief – what you are lacking is self-love. If I had to say what the top three best tips on how to bring in Money were, this is how I would sum it up:

  1. Worthiness: When the flow of money is inconsistent, sometimes big or small amounts, what you need to look at first is your worthiness. Subconsciously you may be stopping the flow because you are uncomfortable with the amount coming in if it’s more than what you have become used to. I’ve talked to people who say that when big money starts to come in for them they will start to downplay it, even hide it from others! That is where the money allergy comes in. Is it possible you could you have gotten the sniffles in reaction to money?

Awareness is the key when it comes to feeling worthy of money. Once you realize it’s a worthiness issue, practice self-love. Do some I AM worthy statements which are very powerful. Amp up that feeling within by reminding yourself that it is your birthright to be abundant. Self-love is key in the equation of money. Remember: worthiness = unconditional love = energy of Money.

  1. Letting go of attachment: When you set an intention for an amount of Money, or a financial goal, it’s important to let go. Attachment slows everything down. When you have a worry, impatience, a need, a want., etc., it all sends a signal to the Universe that you are not trusting. When you let go and stay present such as by practicing your self-love and knowing just how worthy you are, you make that connection to Money that allows it to come in and delight you magically. Too often you find yourself looking for the money instead of just allowing it to come which causes anxiety; and with anxiety comes the attachment. So, let go, trust and the Money will come. This also allows the magic to come in. Blue money can literally come out of the blue when you let go.
  1. Gratitude: Gratitude is the ultimate in receiving. You must be a good receiver by always saying “yes” to Money. Then as Money comes in, love it up. Show Money how much you are so happy to see it – no matter how big or how small the amount. Money is energy and in kind responds to energy. Gratitude sparks that heart-brain connection and gets the neurons in your body flowing to rejuvenation and healing. As you are grateful, more good stuff will come your way. Money will just keep coming as you practice gratitude for it. It will move you into a wealth consciousness, a state of abundance. By living in this new consciousness, prosperity and wealth will be yours always. That feeling of gratitude goes a very long way.

There certainly are other ways to bring in money, but if you practice these Three Best Tips you cannot go wrong. Now, give yourself a boost of self-love and confidence.

Here’s to all of us shifting our mindset to a consciousness of abundance!

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