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Three Ways to Use Renewable Energy to Power Your House

Around the world, governments are encouraging their people to switch to renewable energy sources because it is cheaper and it is good for the environment. The reckless usage of coal and petroleum as a source of energy for the last one hundred years resulted in a deteriorating environment. Scientists are warning that if the trend continues, the world will be inhabitable in less than one thousand years. The rising temperatures and changing climates became the turning point for most people, and today, the demand for renewable energy keeps on rising.

There are many types of renewable energy, and some of the most popular are solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, and natural gas. In Canada, Alberta natural gas prices are becoming cheaper, making it more accessible to the public. Other forms of renewable energy are being considered by homeowners around the world, and the cost to set it up is becoming cheaper.

Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most popular renewable energy sources today. Solar panels are becoming more affordable, and people are buying it to cut down their electricity bills and help the environment. Solar power can be obtained from the sun, and the only disadvantage of using this energy is the limited use when it is evening, or when the sun is covered by a thick layer of clouds. Despite its limitations, people still prefer the power generated by the sun to light up their homes.

Setting it up is easy – homeowners would need to buy their solar panels first. There are many solar panels available online, and some are heading towards the department store to look for one. After purchasing the solar power, other materials such as the charge controller, batteries, inverters, and grids might be required. There are tutorials online on how to set up the solar panel, and when completed, you will be surprised with the amount of power that it can generate, and see how much will be slashed on your next electric bill.

Wind Power

Wind power is another popular source of renewable energy. Wind power comes from strong winds, and a wind turbine is needed to generate electricity. The force from the wind makes the turbines spin, and this motion would power up the generator inside the turbine which will conduct electricity. Wind power is a popular source of energy especially in places where it stays windy throughout the year.

If you wanted to set up a wind turbine inside outside your home, the first thing that you should do is to search for a reliable wind turbine online. Retailers such as Amazon offer various wind turbines for those who wanted to switch to wind power. Setting it up is also simple – you only need to follow the instructions stated on the packaging. If you are having trouble setting up a wind turbine, you can always look for tutorials online and follow the instructions carefully. Unlike solar panels, wind turbines can generate power during the evening and when it is cloudy or rainy. When there are hurricanes or tornadoes, the turbine will generate a surging power.

Hydroelectric power

A hydroelectric power plant can be seen near waterfalls and dams, and it is one of the best sources of energy for nearby communities. The cascading water powers up the turbine inside the dam, and it generates electricity. The power will be distributed to homes and businesses using a power cable, and it can be used for decades.

Today, there is a rising trend of installing a miniature hydroelectric power generator for homes, and it uses the force from streams or nearby bodies of water to generate a renewable source of energy.


Aside from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power, there are many sources of renewable energy that are being used today, like geothermal power. However, setting up a miniature version of it for personal consumption is challenging, and it will cost a huge amount of money. Using renewable energy is a great way to save a lot of money, and people are stating that they are wanted to take part in saving the environment and that is the reason why they are shifting to renewable energy sources.

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