Tips For Buying A Sports Bra – Fit, Comfort and Support

As you get set to start your workout program, it’s going to be very important that you’re taking some time to think about all the equipment you need to exercise safely and in comfort.

For any females going about their sessions, this includes getting a good sports bra that’s going to keep you going through your workout without being distracted by how your body feels.

For those larger busted women, this can be quite the challenge and some even end up doubling up on sports bras in order to get the support they need.

Understanding the key things to look for when choosing a sports bra can definitely help you make a wise decision so that when the intensity goes up, your breasts stay in place.

Let’s have a look at a few things that you’ll want to look for when making your selection.

The Width Of The Straps

The very first thing that you should take into account is how wide the straps are on the sports bra that you’re looking at. Generally speaking, bras that have wider straps are going to provide more support than those that have thinner straps, so if you’re very busty, you want to be aiming for ones around one inch in width.

Anything less than this and you may just not feel supported enough to perform activities such as running or jumping.

The Triumph bra from The Bra Shop is a perfect example of this.

Form Fitted Cups

The second thing that you’ll want to look for when selecting a sports bra is form fitted cups. Smaller busted women may do fine in a sports bra that doesn’t have cup moulds to it, but for those who are a C cup or larger, it will be a must. These cups will hold your breasts in place better and help to reduce the up and down movement.

If you’re really in need of maximum support, you could consider a cupped bra underneath a non-cupped for really keeping things in place.

One terrific form fitted cup bra to check out is the TATA tamer from Lululemon.

The Cross Back Style

Another way to get more support for your sports bra is to utilize a cross back style. Again, the strap style will make a huge difference in how much support these cups provide you and by crossing the straps over the back like this, it will definitely help keep things in place in front.

Some thinner strap bra styles will have two or three straps that cross in the back and this can be a good alternative for the thick strap variations if you wish.

One good example of this for medium chested women is the Free To Be bra, also from Lululemon.

The Underwire Option

The next factor to think about when purchasing your sports bra to ensure that you maintain maximum comfort as you go about your workout session is whether or not you want an underwire. Smaller chested women will likely prefer to do without an underwire as for them it can be somewhat uncomfortable and they just don’t need it to keep yourself supported.

For those who are a C cup or higher however, it can be a very good idea. While at first it may feel as though you’re working out in a regular bra rather than sports bra, once you get used to it you’ll notice the difference in support that this provides you with.

One good underwire bra to check out is the Champion Powerback Underwire Sports bra.You can see this one also takes advantage of the wider straps as well to provide you with the maximum support possible.

The Overall Fit

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to think about when selecting a sports bra is the overall fit of the bra itself. If you’re after a higher amount of support, choosing a sports bra that is a little more form fitting is a smart move.

These will really compress the chest and keep everything in place, despite any up and down or side to side movement you might be doing.

One example of a compression bra to think about if you are a medium sized or smaller cup size is the Nike Pro Victory Compression Sports bra. It’s perfect for gym or other activities and will move with you as you go about your activity.

So there you have the top factors to think about as you go about choosing your perfect sports bra. Make sure that you try on a few different styles while you’re in the store so that you can get a good feeling of how different brands and variations fit. Remember that sizes do vary depending on the brand as well, so don’t be afraid to go up or down a size from your usual in order to find the perfect fit for yourself.



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