Tips for Choosing the Right Door for Your Dream House

Every house needs a strong front door. It should be presentable, sturdy, and complementary of the color and style of the home. The door used on a house is like a handshake. Guests will stare at it while they wait to enter, and it will be the central element of the house for everyone who goes by.

It does not matter if someone is putting their house on the market or renovating it, first impressions are essential. Finding the right reclaimed wood door or new door is essential and the tips below will help with this important purchase decision.

The Style

The style of the house should be used to determine the front door selected and installed. If someone wants to replace their door as a part of a bigger renovation project, they should consider installing new windows, too. It is a good idea to discuss the styles that will best fit the home with the company used for installation or with a home improvement advisor.

If the only structure that is being replaced is the front door, try to match it to the windows that are present. A quality front door is going to help unify the exterior design elements of any house. This is why it is so important for the new front door to complement the siding and windows in the home.

For a traditional ranch-style house, a classic six-panel door is a smart option. Victorian style homes should have a heavier door installed. This does not mean something iron clad with stained glass inserts, as something wooden and large is enough.

The Materials

A quality front door will blend ease and sturdiness. It should be simple to get open but sturdy enough so that it can stand up to bad weather. Wood will fulfill both requirements because it is durable and versatile. It is also possible to paint or carve any design in the door without impacting the weatherproof integrity.

Another material that is commonly used for front doors is lightweight metal. This style of door is commonly seen in chic downtown apartments, contemporary townhouses, and in urban towns. While metal is susceptible to wear-and-tear and dents, just a few touchups each year will help to keep it presentable and sharp looking.

Fiberglass is a popular option, today. It offers the same high level of durability as wood but does not require very much upkeep. It can be stained and painted, which means the door can be personalized to the needs of the home and the design.

The Color

A smart front door color will not just complement the home’s color scheme; it will send a subliminal message about the people inside. For example, purple is the color used for showing off influence, wealth, and royalty. Blue is used for signifying calm, peace, and truth. Brighter colors, such as teal and orange, create a sense of energy while softer hues like olive green and rust will help draw someone into the home.

When it comes to choosing a front door for any home, there are more than a few things that must be considered. Take some time to consider the factors here and speak with the professionals to find the right door for the house, regardless of the structure or style.

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