Tips For Finding The Perfect Jewelry For Teen Girls

Shopping for the teen girl in your life can be a challenge, to say the least. With evolving tastes and a fashion sense all their own, teen girls generally have very specific preferences for earrings and jewelry. So, how do you find the perfect jewelry for the teen in your life? Keep reading to learn more about style, subscription boxes, and different providers of high-quality jewelry. 

  1. Ask About Their Style 

One of the worst things you can do is assume that a teen girl will like what you’ve picked out. Too often, we think we know what styles our teen girls will like, only to find that they hate them. It’s important to communicate with your teen and learn what they’re into; that way, shes’s happy with what you purchase, and you’re not stuck returning an item you were certain she’d enjoy.

Fashion trends come and go, and what might have been popular just a month ago could be on the fashion backburner currently. Obviously, it’s not up to you to constantly monitor teen fashion trends, but this is why it’s so important to just ask. Your teen will likely already be caught up with the trends, making the process of figuring out what she wants just a matter of asking the right questions.

Your teen will not only appreciate the communication, but also the level of care you’ve put into choosing the perfect jewelry for them! The more you communicate, the more you’ll learn about your teen’s preferences and sense of style, and the more accurately you can buy for them. 

  1. Let Them Choose 

In addition to learning about your teen’s sense of fashion, you could easily let them choose their own jewelry. Pick out several options they’ll like (after talking with them about their preferences) and let them choose one of those options. That way, you’re still retaining some level of discretion over price and material, while your teen still gets to pick out their own jewelry.

The teenage years are a time of independence, so letting your teen choose her own jewelry is also a good way to bond and show you respect her desire for independence. Plus, it takes away some of the stress of sifting through endless listing for jewelry!

 Try a Subscription Box

 Another great option for getting just the right jewelry for your teen is an earring subscription box or other jewelry subscription. These boxes come in many varieties; from simple earring boxes to 3-4 jewelry pieces per box. You’ll get a new piece(s) of jewelry delivered right to your doorstep every month, and you can cancel the subscription at any time if you or your teen are unhappy with it.

Sites like Hey Rowan and Ear Fleek provide hypoallergenic and nickel-free jewelry to help eliminate the worry behind an allergic reaction. If your teen reacts to jewelry, it’s probably due to the nickel content found in a lot of jewelry pieces. Finding jewelry with no nickel in it becomes essential when wearing any jewelry isn’t comfortable! 

  1. Choose High-Quality Providers 

Don’t forget that the company behind the jewelry is just as important as the jewelry itself. A company that doesn’t stand behind its products is unlikely to provide any kind of high-quality items or customer service. Choose providers with a good reputation both for their products and their commitment to the customers, so you don’t have to waste time with returns.

It’s also a good idea to ask about the metallurgic content of the company’s jewelry if it’s not specifically spelled out in the description or website. You may find that what you thought was high-quality jewelry is actually has a high nickel content and is likely to cause a reaction. 

  1. Shop Around to Compare Brands 

Last of all, you’ll want to shop around among the brands you’ve chosen to see who offers the best prices. Generally, a jewelry subscription box is pretty cost-effective, shipping high-quality jewelry to your door each month for free in most cases.

What you find at your favorite jewelry store is likely much more expensive than what you’ll find online. Jewelry stores have a lot of overhead to account for, making their prices that much higher for the same level of quality. Compare prices, subscription options, and quality to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. 


Buying jewelry can be quite the process, but if you look for high-quality providers, talk to your teen about their style, and compare brands and prices, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece to fit your teen’s needs. Don’t forget to stay away from jewelry that has a high nickel content, as nickel can be a dangerous metal that causes allergic reactions and even cancer. Choose nickel-free jewelry for the best experience possible!

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