Tips for Getting Pregnant

Oh yes, you start out thinking that getting pregnancy is the easiest, most natural thing in the world. Then when you are trying like crazy to conceive, taking ovulation tests and doing “it’” at just the right times, it can feel like you can’t conceive no matter how many eggs you have or what your body temperature is. The flip side of course are the thousands, probably millions – of women who with no forethought at all find themselves in the particular condition called pregnancy with ease; even after using things like birth control pills and other contraceptives. Pregnancy, although beautiful, natural and of course thrilling for so many is not always as easy as it appears. If you have trouble getting pregnant, you know you aren’t the first person in the world to seek out tips for getting pregnant.

Many of the tips for getting pregnant that you will find out there are ridiculous weaves of folklore and ancient wisdom and it can be hard to decipher reality. One particular tip that will cause most women to laugh is the one that instructs you to make love while on a rock, facing South under the full moon. If you get through the rocky sex and aren’t pregnant you may find that you are pretty upset about the whole thing. There are other tips of course that use science as their backing, calculating body temperature and ovulation so that the sperm will arrive at just the right time. This followed by lying on your back with your legs up in the air for an hour or so, (just in case the little sperm loses its sense of direction) has worked for millions of people. Truth be told, they probably would have gotten pregnant without hanging from a ceiling fan after sex and it makes you wonder if the person who invented this one has some ‘big brother’’ cameras installed in space somewhere. Certainly would make for great home video.

The one thing that many of the tips for getting pregnant leave out is the fact that there is a stringent mind body connection, which can become distorted when we are paying particular attention to getting pregnant. The reason is because with all our attention focused on getting pregnant, what most women are really thinking about is ‘what if this doesn’t work’’ or ‘what if I cant get pregnant’’ which causes a fair amount of stress and anxiety that actually sabotage our body’s abilities to make pregnancy a reality. The one tip that every person who wants to get pregnant needs to follow is that becoming pregnant is one of those things that you don’t have utter control over. You should allow it to happen, make love when you are in the mood, which naturally occurs during ovulation and should never place all your happiness in a little pink line at the end of the month. Secondly, you should avoid stress and anxiety and not make the entire purpose of your life into getting pregnant as soon as possible. Third, you need to relax, take care of your thoughts and enjoy this time of not being pregnant. A few months in you will definitely be wondering what all the fuss of pregnancy was really about.

The mind body connection is vital. Do your research and you will see that there are millions of women who have endured all sorts of fertility clinics, procedures and medications only to find that the moment they stopped trying so hard, it all just happened for them. The reason, stress alters you physiologically! It hinders the release of hormones that are vital for conception and healthy pregnancy, dumps excess estrogen, robs your body of cortisol, cortical and leptin, fills you with excess adrenaline which has you living in fight or flight mode, lowers your immunity and ends up making your body a terrible host for pregnancy in the first place. When the stress is released, the anxiety subsides and the pressure is off your body can return to a natural state of balance, which is optimal for pregnancy. Next thing you know, two weeks after a late night rendezvous with your honey that was better than all the sex you had in the last year, you miss your period! The one tip for getting pregnant that you should adhere to is the one that says you must get your mind right.

Another tip for getting pregnant that actually falls along the same lines is to take care of your body. If you are overweight, lose some. If you are eating poorly, change your habits. If you smoke or drink lose the addictions. If you don’t take vitamins, start taking prenatals. So many women enter pregnancy with their body in a mess and it makes it twenty times harder. The truth is that normal, natural pregnancies shouldn’t hurt, be uncomfortable or restrict you. When you take care of your body and are in good health and good shape, you will conceive easier and pregnancy will not be as hard on your body. This taking care of yourself BEFORE conception also improves your mood and greatly changes the chemical reactions in your brain making you better equipped to handle stress in positive ways and less likely to suffer the psychological and physiological aspects of impending pregnancy realized or not.

Certainly, there are couples who still have problems conceiving and will need medical intervention. Even so, the same tips for getting pregnant should be followed. Mind over matter, envision your future as you wish it to be and realize that your dream will be realized. Create positive mind body spirit connections within yourself and move forward with a deep sense of remaining positive and you will get pregnant when the time is exactly right. The waiting can be difficult and your attitude and emotional state can have a large impact on your getting pregnant or not. Obviously, if you would rather make love on a rock facing South during the full moon, and you believe it will work then go for it! After all, believing makes everything so.

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