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Tips for Posting a Great Picture on Instagram

We all know that it can be difficult to take a fantastic photo, especially of your kids, which is why it’s important to treat this image with the utmost respect if and when you decide to post it on Instagram. Thousands upon thousands of images are posted on this app every day, but it’s definitely fair to say that not all of them are worth seeing. There are photos either taken with a shaky camera, out of focus, and or badly lit. However, there are also many images that are outstanding and will certainly bring a positive reaction from your followers. We’re going to tell you how to have one of these images!

Tip 1

So, let’s say you’ve taken a bunch of great images from different angles and with distinctive lighting, perhaps at a concert, let’s say. Although it can be difficult for even professional photographers, you’ve got to start cutting the field down to only the best few. From there, you should choose the absolute greatest image in your eyes. Bombarding your followers with 10-15 images from your account is a sure-fire to get unfollowed! Focus on one picture for now, and if you really need to upload a second image, do it a good 12-24 hours later – you want the focus to be on this one great photo (an extra hack could be to use the ‘Layout’ feature, so you can make a collage by combining 3-4 photos).

Tip 2

Once you’ve chosen your desired image, it’s time to think about editing. Every image benefits from editing, even if it’s just a tiny amount. Cropping an image is an underused feature and can really make an average photo become extraordinary. It can be as simple as removing any unnecessary parts of the photo or focusing in a bit more on your subject. Instagram’s native cropping feature is fine, but you may discover that you want a few more options for cropping, such as merely slicing off a small section from the side of a photo. There are many great apps for iOS and Android when it comes to photo editing, so try some out and see which one you like best.

Tip 3

After deciding whether you need any cropping, most people choose if they want a filter or not. Instagram has over 30 filters, but you may well find that many of them are too extreme for your tastes. If that’s the case, which filters you see can be managed in the settings tab at the end of the row. Giving the photo a ‘morning sunrise’ glow with filters like ‘Valencia’ and ‘Rise’ is a popular option, as is black and white filters such as ‘Moon’ and ‘Inkwell.’ If your photo doesn’t seem to benefit from any filter, then move on. If it does, you can also decrease the intensity of the filter by double tapping its name. Fun fact: ‘Clarendon’ is the most popular filter according to one study.

Tip 4

At this point, it’s really just tidying up the image. Making sure the photo is well-lit and has a good level of shadows and highlights is paramount. This can be done via ‘brightness’ and ‘contrast.’ Other editing options like ‘color saturation’, ‘vignette’, or ‘sharpen’ are purely voluntary, but simply test each one out and see if it enhances or diminishes the image. Remember, you ideally want your photo to appear as natural as possible, as over-editing can really hurt a picture in the end.

Tip 5

You’re on the homestretch now. There are options to share to other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, so make sure you’re aware of which ones are turned on. If you care about non-followers seeing your image, then using hashtags is a worthwhile endeavor. If you’re on holiday in Byron Bay, Australia (for example), then using hashtags like #beach, #australia, #sun and #beautifulweather would all be acceptable possibilities. You can fill out as many hashtags as you can think of, but the more obscure you make the hashtags, the less likely it is that it will be a trending phrase like the above examples. A fun caption is always the icing on the cake, so think about something that gives a good backstory to the image.

And that’s it, so good luck!

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