Tips For Travelling Without Your Pet

When you are a dog lover or you have a few cats that you adore, being away from them can be quite tricky. Many people don’t like to go on holiday without their pets because it means that they need to leave them with a family member or even take them to a pet kennel. This can lead to a ruined trip as they will be spending the entire time thinking about their pet.

The good news is that there are ways that you can make travelling without your pet a bit easier. In this article, we are going to give you some of our ideas. Keep reading to find out more.

Check If You Can Bring Them     

While this is a guide to travelling without your pet, we thought we would first address the fact that some locations will actually let you bring your pet with you. Of course, if an aeroplane is part of the trip, this might be a bit trickier but if you are driving, why not bring your dog? Some hotels will actually classify themselves as ‘pet friendly’ and all you need to do is ask. If you can bring your pet with you, you can avoid this stress altogether.

Leave Them With Someone You Trust

Our first tip for those who need to travel without their pet is to make sure that you are leaving them with someone that you can trust. It is a good idea to choose someone who is familiar with your pet and understands what they like and what they don’t like. A family member is often a good choice for this kind of thing, but this isn’t always possible.

If you need to leave your pet in a boarding kennel while you are gone, it might be a good idea to go and scope it out beforehand. If you meet the people who work there and you can be sure that they will look after your pet, your mind will be at ease when you are travelling.

Bring Along Reminders

Our next tip for those who are planning on travelling without their pet is to bring some reminders of them along. Some people like to bring photos with them when they are travelling so why not try this? One of the newest thing that you can do is to actually get a blanket made with your dog’s face on it from a company called Woof Blankets. With this blanket, you can feel as though your pet is right there with you and you’ll be comfortable at the same time.

Other reminders could include toys that your pet likes so if you have something, consider bringing it with you for comfort. You would be surprised at how much this can help to soothe the pain of leaving your pet behind.

Use Our Tips

No one likes to have to leave their pet at home when they go to work, never mind when they need to travel somewhere out of the country. If you are planning a trip that you cannot bring your pet along to, we suggest that you try out some of our tips. Making sure that your pet is in good hands when you are gone is key, for a number of reasons.

It is important that you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about your pet and how they are getting on. Use our tips and hopefully, you’ll have a great time and be reunited with your pet in no time at all.