Tips on Finding The Right Lawyer To Defend Your Case

In the event you are faced with a lawsuit, whether civil or criminal, the best way to clear your name or get a favorable judgment is to hire a good lawyer. Getting the right lawyer to handle your case is critical as your lawsuits might involve paying heavy penalties, losing your reputation, or even facing jail terms if the judgment is not in your favor. Identifying a good lawyer to handle your case might be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are the top tips to help you find the right lawyer.

Credible & Professional

A credible & professional lawyer is one who is reliable and ethically undertakes their activities. Working with a credible & professional lawyer is your best bet whenever you have legal issues. Professional lawyers from Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.  advice that any lawyer you wish to hire should be able to evaluate your case and provide an honest opinion, including your chances for success. They should also discuss with you all available legal options and suggest the best strategy to employ.

The best way to find a credible and professional lawyer is through referrals from former clients or reading their online reviews. Furthermore, the lawyer should be licensed and registered by relevant bar associations and reachable via phone or visit to their physical office.


Any lawyer you intend to hire should be one who is experienced in the area of law your case revolves. If you are facing an auto accident lawsuit, it’s advisable to select an experienced accident lawyer to handle your case.

An experienced lawyer is one who has handled similar cases before and knows how best to approach your case. An experienced lawyer will give you confidence and provide you with the best possible defense. The best way to identify the level of experience of any lawyer is to check the number of cases they have handled and the level of success in those cases.

Great Track Record

No one would want to hire a lawyer who has a poor track record in winning cases. A good lawyer should be one with a history of getting their clients’ favorable judgments in court, getting the best deal in out of court settlements, and using all available legal means to ensure their clients’ legal issues are resolved in their best interest.

You should, however, not expect your lawyer to have a 100% winning track record. A good lawyer is one who had lost a few cases, won most cases in court, and resolved several cases through out-of-court negotiations. The best way to determine the track record of any lawyer is to review the number of cases won and lost.

Good Negotiation Skills

With many cases being resolved through out-of-court negotiations, it is important to hire a lawyer with excellent negotiation skills to help you get the best possible deal whenever an out of court settlement is needed. Because they have handled numerous out of court negotiations before, they know the best way to approach the other party and get you a great deal.

With your future depending on the outcome of your case, it is worth the time and effort to research and ensure you have the right lawyer handling your case. After doing your research and getting references, it is important to meet any potential lawyer in person and ask them any questions you might have to judge suitability.

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