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Tips to Decorate Your Walls with Fine Art Prints

Art has the power to transform the look and atmosphere of a room or space by bringing a new style, energy, colors, and focus. If you are an art lover, you can do wonders with your walls by adding high-quality artwork to your home. There are endless varieties and designs of fine art prints, and a bold piece of art can make the boldest statement. Style, color and size of the art print also matter in how the piece reflects your personal style and choice. Fine art prints are a great way to refill those empty walls with possibilities. A piece of art says it all whether you are an art collector or nature enthusiast. Here are some tips to help you decorate your walls with fine art prints.

Choose a Wall Layout:

In order to display your fine art print, the first step is to decide the layout. Layout decision is important in selecting the right size and type of wall art display. Firstly, your art piece should match the other items in your room, like the room’s design, furniture, wall paint, etc. That way, your wall art will complement the interior design of your entire space. For instance if you display a large piece of art over the bed, then you can display the similarly sized artwork on the opposite wall.

Moreover, you can also have black and white fine art prints for one room, and customized canvas prints of your family photos in the lounge or bedroom. Travel art prints from a particular destination is also a great choice. You can also choose a motif that fits with the overall room’s interior. Another important aspect to note here is that you should not choose a framed art print just because of its color, there are more elements to look for such as the theme, patterns, size, and the artwork itself. For instance, wilderness landscape theme would go with the rustic furniture.

Match the Artwork with Home Decor:

Additional room accents can be placed to complement the artwork on your wall. Of course, it’s not a good idea to change the decor of the whole room just to fit in with the fine art print, but you can make small changes to add a spark to your personal space. Accessories such as throw pillows having colors similar to the artwork or the rugs and table napkins with matching colors can create a cohesive look.

There are endless possibilities of combining the wall art with the room design by adding or changing the accessories. Another approach is to keep the existing décor, furniture, and accessories in mind while choosing the wall art prints for your room. Muted colors can match with any interior design color scheme.

Use Canvas and Metal Prints:

While selecting art, think beyond fine art prints on a paper with standard frames. Artwork can be printed on different surface materials so that you can have more creative ways to add wall art to the room. Metal prints and canvas prints can also be utilized to depict the artwork on your walls. Such fine art prints can incorporate all kinds of art styles and designs and also give unique texture and shape to your artwork display. You’ll still have to match your fine art canvas prints with the layout and design of the space you are decorating.

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