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4 Tips to Make for a Better Move

With the Spring and good weather quickly approaching, it is getting to be about that time of year where people begin to move more frequently. While moving is a very exciting, it can also be incredibly frustrating. There is so much to do, and usually a lot of heavy lifting.

However, moving from one home to another doesn’t have to be this imposing and daunting task. There are a number of things that we can do to help the process be easier and more effective, and this article will look at four of them.

Get Organized and Planned as Early as Possible

When most people move, it can be a chaotic mess as they try to keep things organized during their move. Certain things need to be kept together and with everything being in the same cardboard boxes, it can be hard to keep track. One of the best ways to keep organized is to ensure all boxes are labeled and similar items are kept together.

Also, ensure you don’t leave everything to the last minute, as that can add a ton of unnecessary stress that you simply don’t need. Doing things early will also ensure nothing is missed or forgotten amidst the chaos. While some things can’t be packed up early, that doesn’t mean you can’t start packing other things earlier.

Hire Professional Furniture Movers

By far the worst part of the entire moving process is actually moving your furniture and items into your new home. It can be heavy, tiring, take a long time and more. Also, finding the necessary transportation and help to move can be tough too.

But instead of doing the move yourself, it can be a very good idea to hire some furniture removalists to help you out with the move. They can not only do all the heavy lifting for you, but can ensure your furniture and other items get to their destination in one piece. Most of the time, getting movers for your move can be a great investment and save you a ton of time.

Keep a “Moving Day Kit”

This is something most people might not think of until it’s too late and they realize they needed it. A moving kit is essentially a kit that will keep a lot of your necessities with you, and not packed away in random boxes. It is a much better solution than having to go through boxes for toilet paper, garbage bags, light bulbs and more.

As for what you keep in your moving day survival kit, it will depend on the things you might need to use in the first day or so. This infographic is a great inside look at some of the common things people might keep in their kits.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need or Use

Moving is the perfect time to seize the opportunity and look to downsize and get rid of some things. Most of us have so much “stuff, and we hardly use any of it. Instead of packing all that stuff up to move and just continue to collect dust in your new home, why not get rid of it?

Old furniture, old electronics, ratty clothes and other items you simply don’t use are great candidates to sell or donate. Your town likely has a website for classified ads and if not, a good old fashioned yard sale can do the trick. Not only will getting rid of these things help your move become simpler, but it will also ensure your new home isn’t cluttered.

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