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Top 10 Ways to Celebrate a Loved One after They’ve Passed

Suffering the loss of a loved one can be difficult and quite often sadness overshadows the memory that they’ve left behind. Holding a celebration to focus on their life, instead of their passing, can be a great way to remember the memories and experiences you shared with them.

Take a look at our top ten ways to celebrate a loved one after they’ve passed. 

Dedicate a memorial bench

A popular way to commemorate a loved one’s life is with a memorial bench. The bench can be placed somewhere picturesque such as a place they enjoyed spending time or even in your own garden. Then you can sit and reminisce about all the times you had together.

There are also schemes set up by county councils across the UK where you can have a loved one featured on a park bench that will be displayed for around 15 years. That way everyone can pay their respects – look into your local council and see if they offer this service.

Display specific moments from their life in your home

Have some of their graduation, birthday or wedding photos as well as mementoes displayed in your home. It can create a lovely timeline of their life.

Write and place an obituary in their local paper

Many people don’t want a huge fuss after they have passed away, some don’t wish to have a funeral at all. But a good way to remember their life is by writing an obituary in the local paper. Details of their early life, achievements and special memories accompanied by a picture is a good way to celebrate their life.

Celebration of life service

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of a direct cremation vs cremation, a direct cremation might be the better option – especially for those struggling to come to terms with such loss. These are simple cremations without a funeral. It keeps costs at a minimum and allows you, as a family, to hold a personal memorial service in your own time.

Make their favourite recipes

If they loved cooking or baking, pull out their old cookbooks and recreate their recipes. You can invite family and friends round afterwards for a big celebration and to try all of your food.

Plant a tree

Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate a life. There are many hospices that have remembrances meadows where you can plant trees and leave a message for a long-lasting memory.

Have an annual day of celebration

You may want to create a special day each year where friends and family of the deceased can get together to remember their passing. Play their favourite music, eat their favourite food, drink their favourite drinks and reminisce about their lives to celebrate the time they were part of your world.

Have them made into a firework display

A really spectacular way to remember a loved one is to send them to the sky in a firework display. There are a number of companies who will collect some, if not all, of the ashes directly from a crematorium and turn them into a professional display.

Shine a light

Something as small and simple as lighting a candle can be a powerful way to remember your loved one, especially if you involve several people in the lighting. It’s an easily customisable way to remember someone. 

Tattoo them on your skin

This is for the more adventurous people out there, but if you’re unsure what to do with their ashes and love tattoos, consider having some of their ashes tattooed into your skin. We recommend you look into this carefully before making your final decision.

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