Top 3 Gift Ideas for All Types of Dads This Father’s Day

Are you looking to spoil your dad this year? Are you having a hard time deciding what you want to get him? Dad should be recognized all year round for everything that he does.

So, on this special date, give him something that could leave a lasting impact and demonstrate your appreciation. We’ve compiled a list of the best Father’s Day gifts for 2022 that are great for many dads.

Continue reading below for the top three gift ideas for all types of dads this Father’s Day.

1. For The Outdoorsy Dad

Dads who can’t get enough time outside will appreciate presents that make their time outside more enjoyable. Consider going big and getting a power generator for the dad who loves his off-grid camping trips. He’ll be able to keep his devices charged in case of an emergency and keep his campsite running while he’s off on adventures.

Also, a nice packable knife set could make a great gift. Look for one that has everything, including essential, high-quality stainless steel culinary knives (with protected sheaths), a collapsible cutting board, and a quick-dry towel – a perfect bundle for any camper or hiker.

A big growler could also be a great splurge to keep his favourite craft beer fresh, refrigerated, and carbonated all day. If he’s more of a coffee guy, a simple, outdoor-friendly coffee maker could be the perfect addition to his kit.

If you want to help him unwind in his backyard, consider a firepit where all the people he loves can gather together.

2. For the Dad Who Loves to Cook

If you have a dad who enjoys cooking or who sits next to the grill in the summer and doesn’t leave until Labor Day, offer him a grilling gift that’s more interesting than a regular ole’ meat thermometer.

A customized hardwood cutting board is a great splurge. It will last for many years to come and always remind him who loves his meals most. A monogrammed steak branding iron or cheesy apron lets everyone know who’s in charge of the grill.

Want to offer some spice? Give him a homemade hot sauce kit so he can make his own if no dish is ever spicy enough. And for the ideal gastronomic gift to share with the whole family and really impress your dad, a pizza oven will become his new favourite toy.

3. For the Dad Who Has It All

Here’s to all the dads who say they don’t want anything for Father’s Day, birthdays, and holidays. That’s okay — except when they don’t mean it, or when you want to show them love by giving them something they’ll like instead of something that just takes up space.

Think of what he’ll be able to use in his daily life to keep him happy and healthy. For example, a stainless steel water bottle can keep him hydrated throughout the day. Make it monogrammed to give it a personalized touch.

And maybe the coolest present of all? Grab a tushy bidet attachment that he can easily install, which will keep him feeling so fresh and clean in the summer heat. They come with many health benefits and imagine the (perhaps unwanted) dad jokes he’ll be able to offer up around the table.

It’s Time to Celebrate Dad

If you are looking to splurge or go simple, there are many gifts listed in every budget range. So whether you usually get a group present with your family or do it alone, consider your shopping predicament saved. Treat your dad this Father’s Day with the ideas here!



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