Top Fiber-Cement Siding Brands for Your House

Materials of natural origin can protect your house from the negative influence of external factors. At the same time, they help create the most comfortable conditions for a safe life in modern construction. One of them is fiber cement siding, which was first used by the French more than a century ago.

Fibro-Cement Siding and Its Best Manufacturer Brands 

This type of facing material on the market is presented in the form of fiber cement panels, which in their appearance resemble wooden lining. Sometimes even an experienced craftsman finds it difficult to distinguish fiber cement siding from natural wood. 

The composition of the best fiber cement siding facades material includes exclusively natural components: water, wood fibers in crushed form, sand, and cement. Despite the rather simple composition, a special production technology made it possible to create a material that has the following advantages:

  • Resistance to fluctuations in temperature conditions;
  • High performance of noise insulation;
  • Eco friendly;
  • Resistant to the effects of a variety of fungi, insects, and even rodents.;
  • Fire and moisture resistance;
  • A high degree of mechanical resistance in flexion and compression;
  • Durability.

You can see more information and pieces of advice on home improvement on Legacy Service USA LLC. The company has been working since 2005 and achieved an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

GAF WeatherSide

GAF established in 1886 could be described as the founder of trading and household rooftop production. The corporation has been given many awards over the operating time for the production of its rooftops. It shouldn’t be surprising as it possesses a number of fine fiber cementitious rooftops that you can ever get. 

Their name of the rooftops series is called WeatherSide. They are great for the architecture of Cape Cod. Yet, you have the choice between various style solutions, such as wavelike or plain border. It comes with a 25-year restricted guarantee and a durable manufacturing authority.


The Japanese corporation is doing just what their nation is recognized for. The mixture of classic structure with contemporary engineering generates something exceptional and durable. Nichiha was premised in the 1950s and has a solid emphasis on trading construction.

Numerous banks, cinemas, and groceries have made use of Nichiha’s reliable cementitious fiber. Many famous trademarks are exclusive users of Nichiha in their new restaurants. However, this is not to say that Nichiha products are restricted to commercial structures.

If you’re searching for conventional style shakes and rooftops, Nichiha offers a good option.  If you want excellent quality products, you might need to make a particular order because those items can be unaccessible in retails.


One of the best sellers is Server Premium 2 Coat. This is a solid board coating that resembles real wood grain. It’s available in a range of shades. The company also manufactures fiber cement shakes.

Their color schemes are among the most vibrating in commerce. Usually, clients choose Copper Verde and Blue Lava colors. The producer provides a long-lasting 25-year guaranty on its shingles and shingles made of cement fiber.


Interested in supporting a small business? Headquartered in Chilliwack, British Columbia, you’ll find Woodtone, a small but powerful competitor. If you want the fiber cement coating that mimics wood so well that you’ll find it hard to believe that it is not real, then you must check out the rustic series of Woodtone. 

The wood grains are heavy and arrive in a range of eighteen exclusive colors that enclose their entire range of merchandise. you can acquire whatever from extensive fiber cement borders, rooftops, cladding, and width of matching trim accessories.

These are the leading brands of fiber cement in the sector right now. A lot of those trademarks offer exclusive merchandise with specific features, colors, and sizes. 



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