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Top Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Men

You need a modern hair, but at the same time will not take most of your time in front of the mirror styling. Maybe you are a busy office worker, or you are a student doing your final project, and you don’t want anything to steal your time. If that is you, you need to consider our low maintenance hairstyles for men. You will not have to worry about styling; some are even wake-and-go styles.

Most hairstyles we have compiled here are ridiculously low maintenance ranging from those needing little styling to those which don’t need any styling. Besides these low maintenance hairstyles for men are easy to cut, so apart from saving on time, you save your money.

1. Taper Fade.

This is the best option for the men looking for short and smart-looking hairstyles for men. The hair at the top is left longer and then tapered down on the sides until it seamlessly blends with the skin. It is an easy to manage haircut you can choose today.

2. Classic Taper.

This haircut is both sophisticated and ridiculously low maintenance. Both the manes at the back and the sides are faded while the top hair is trimmed longer compared to the sides. The classic taper haircut looks great in any length.

This hairstyle is best suited for fashion-forward men who don’t care about spending hours styling their hair. The haircut is short enough, and that allows you not to use any product, though you can use it if you want. You can also pair this haircut with a side part.

3. Ivy League.

This is another amazing hairstyle for men who need to look professional. The ivy league haircut is a contemporary take on crew cut that is styled with enough hair length at the top for the purpose of parting.

Like the standard taper hairstyle, the ivy league is also a short haircut that allows you to part the hair on the sides. However, it is a neat look compared to the classic taper, as the hair is kept at minimum length in most cases. It is an ideal style for guys with the sharp, angular face shape.

4. Caesar Cut.

Though the Caesar cut might not take the first position as the contemporary hairstyles for men, it is a seamless and simple haircut that needs almost zero maintenance. If you want to keep your hair super short, Caesar could be the best haircut to look forward to.

In Caesar haircut, the hair is maintained the same length all over. This is beneficial in many ways, especially if you are a busy man. You can style it for yourself at home or get it from a barbershop.

5. Butch Cut.

If you love the appearance of buzzed hairstyles, but you have not kept short hair, then you should opt for butch hairstyles for men. The hair is styled mid-length using medium-length clippers, so it is given a clean and neat look. However, the hair is not shaved as short as military haircuts.

This is a staple haircut in most barber shops, but you can also style it at home. Also, if you are thinking about rocking short hair for the first time, the butch haircut is the best place to start.

6. Crew Cut.

Whereas the butch and Caesar hairstyles create a uniform look, the crew haircut (which progresses to Ivy league) incorporates a seamless fading pattern that makes it unique from the other low maintenance hairstyles for men.

In crew haircut, the hair at the front is kept longer and then faded to the back, reaching its shortest length at the back. The manes at the back and the sides are then faded to a shorter length. The crew cut highlights and defines facial features, so it is the best style for men with oval or square face shapes. Men with round-shaped faces ought to avoid this haircut.

7. Textured.

This is an excellent choice for men with straight hair that is easy to stand by itself. The manes at the top are maintained longer compared to the Caesar. This haircut is effortless to maintain and style. A simple brushing in the morning will give you a fantastic style ready to start the day.

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