What Are the Top VPN Companies That Work Absolutely Free?

VPN is a way to secure oneself from many threads coming from the Internet. It is obvious that paid VPN companies can provide their clients with a lot of features and offers that are not affordable for free companies. However, some of them have managed to develop a good system that can protect you somehow. We need you to note that usually downloading and installing free VPN may contain several risks for your hardware and privacy.

Make sure that you accept all dangers, as there will be no one to blame if you face problems. Plus, most companies do not provide users with support, which can be devastating for unskilled people. Here is our list of Free VPN Download for Anonymous Browsing that will not charge money from you.

  1. TunnelBear

This program may seem to have a childish design, but it is serious VPN software. You can choose from free and paid subscriptions. Unfortunately, there is a 500MB limit for free users each month. It has got an automatic connection; you will not need to set up anything. You may choose from 20 available countries. It is the best variant for rear quick Internet surfs.

  1. WindScribe

This company is very young, but it has already won its place in the sun. It can provide you with 10GB of free bandwidth each month and grants you more for sharing information in social networks and involving your friends. The service also has got a pro subscription with unlimited access. You can choose from 8 server locations. Do not forget about special built-in firewall and block software.

  1. HotSpot Shield Free

This is a very famous company. Its free version is concentrated on the safety with public networks. You can enable a special mode and VPN will turn on automatically when you are connected to any “dangerous” network. As for the minuses, in a free plan, you will not be able to choose the location and server, the program makes it for you. However, the outstanding 750MB per day can pardon all cons.

  1. PrivateTunnel

This one is considered to be the best cross-platform VPN service. It has got an outstanding mobile application. The software is relatively easy to use; it provides good security and high-speed rates. However, you are limited up to 200MB of the content. It does not suggest monthly subscriptions but sells the content packages, 20GB and 100GB correspondently.

  1. Freelan

This service is open source software that is designed mostly for skilled users. It installs its network drivers, which may be unwanted. However, if you know what to do and how to set up everything properly, you will be given a powerful VPN platform. Make sure you know how to handle with command line before downloading it.

Well, these are the most secure and reliable VPN services you can get without money. Try them out and guess which one is better for you and your everyday needs.