Trapping a Man – Getting Pregnant to Keep Him

In the guy’s locker room, it is common conversation to hear two fellows offering fair warning about a woman who might be practicing the fine art of trapping a man. Whether it is into marriage or having children, men often underestimate the claws of deception that women can dig into their men. Bottom line is that there are people in this world who want what they want, when they want it and how they want it and who will not accept NO for an answer. In relationships, this is an extremely dangerous and self-destructive way to be!

You might be wondering what exactly trapping a man is all about. If you are a man, you also might not believe that your better half is capable of such manipulation. But she is. And as a woman, you have to openly admit to at least yourself that you have trapped a man before. Sure, you might have just trapped them into eating at a certain restaurant which has little to no circumstances (except food poisoning) but if it worked, you may be tempted to do it again.

Relationships can be difficult. When the big issues arise like whether to stay together, get married, have children etc. The differences can rear their ugly head and likely threaten the bigger picture. If you find yourself disagreeing on issues like this as a man, you might want to look out for behaviors that are directed at trapping you. As a woman, you may believe that your efforts are with the best intentions. However, if you have to deceive or lie to someone that you love in order to make the tides turn your way, you are definitely trapping them. The most common way that women trap men is to become pregnant. Sadly, lots and lots of smart men are completely ignorant when it comes to how a woman really gets pregnant. And women can use this ignorance to their benefit. While men may be in the dark about ovulation, menstrual periods, safe sex and the likes – women know this stuff. Especially if they have been wanting to get pregnant.

Many women involved in marriages admit to tricking their husbands into having another baby. They imagine that once the little pink line appears their husband will assume it was just a result of their overactive and manly sperm breaking through the confines of a condom. Why would any man be upset about that, right? They also may meticulously plan married sex so that it occurs on just that day of the month when their basal body temperature is at its peak. Don’t believe it, ask the woman in your life what basal body temperature means and if she knows – you can rest assured that she has done her homework about timing sex for conception. Somehow, when this is done within a marriage, it isn’t referred to as trapping a man; however, it is basically the same thing. Women can justify this behavior by feeling as if they are the ones that will care for the baby anyways and one more child is not going to kill the marriage. If the trapper gets caught – this could breech trust in serious ways.

Trapping a man you are dating into a deeper commitment often involves one of those accidentally ‘oopsie’ pregnancies. “Oh no, what are we going to do now?” Since few men want to argue with a pregnant woman they never mention the fact about how coincidental the whole thing is – especially since it’s been at the bulkhead of arguments for the past three months. Aside from timing sex, woman can trap a man by pretending to use birth control. Just because you check their little circular pack of pills, doesn’t mean they are taking them. And even if you see that one little magical pill is missing every day – it certainly doesn’t mean they are being swallowed. This can go on for months, leaving you very vulnerable for being trapped into something more. For women, they may see this as the only way to position themselves in a place where marriage or having children is possible. If the conversation of moving things forward has been brought up many times and you have remained adamantly against it – you should look for the signs of being trapped. Unfortunately, remember that the biggest sign of being trapped into something comes at a time when it is too late.

The problems with trapping a man are numerous. First of all, this is a highly spoiled and over indulged way of behaving. Secondly, the consequences of trapping a man – especially if that trap involves pregnancy bring a completely innocent party into your relationship that didn’t ask for this type of betrayal. And yes, even if it works out perfectly – it is a betrayal to trap a man. The other thing to consider is that even though a woman may get what she wants by trapping her man into marriage, child rearing or commitment, they will always be wondering if that is the only reason that they got where they are. The question of whether they would have chosen this path will undermine the relationship and cause insecurities. Even more detrimental is the fact that if a man feels as though he has been tricked or trapped, he will be less trustful of his partner (if at all). At some point the trapping incident, allegations or suspicions will cause resentment and separation.

Trapping a man is neither wise nor necessary. It would be more useful to learn new ways to communicate with your partner. If you are a man, then remaining open to what the woman in your life asks of you and trying to withhold words like ‘never’ or ‘no way’ can at least make her feel that you respect her wishes. In time, the right things always happen. Forcing it may work temporarily, but in the long run just make things much more difficult. Both men and women should remain aware that even in the best relationships, trapping a partner is extremely common.

36 thoughts on “Trapping a Man – Getting Pregnant to Keep Him”

  1. This can only happen because the courts support this kind of behavior. If a woman knows that no child support (and/or alimony) will be given to her, she would think twice about pulling such a trick. Paternity fraud is still the only LEGAL form or fraud that is totally acceptable under western laws.

    1. I totally agree the system is set up to allow women to do this. If a woman can legally give a child which she does not want up for adoption after birth, then a man should be able to legally do the same, should an accidental pregnancy happen.

  2. It is the guy’s fault for not being smart enough to figure it out. I have tricked many guys into relationships, and if I really wanted them, I would trap them with a pregnancy. It’s really in my power when I find the right guy to do this with. Any decent guy will not leave a pregnant girl to handle it on her own. And besides, no one twisted their arms into falling for me. Men can be so easily manipulate if a girl says a few subtle things. I have stolen many guys from other women by just pretending to be a friend first. They come to me for advice. I give them bad advice so that they feel as if they are in a relationship with the wrong person. If they were really smart, they would talk to their partners and not spill their problems to others. Yet again, that is their own fault. hahaha guys are soo stupid! I’ve gotten tons of free gifts, vacations, and other perks from guys by simply playing to their ego and making them feel good. Guys end up lying for me. I don’t make them. I simply give them an ego boost. Their insecurities are to blame. I feel no guilt. I am simply helping the situation move along more quickly. The guys are just as involved as I am.

    1. You’re a real scum bag aren’t you? Haha…not. Guys can be naive, they can be vulernable, they can be clueless. Unless they have previous experience it’s not always easy for them to discern someone who is using them. You’re just a scum sucking whore who takes advantage of people and it’ll be quite the day when it finally comes back to bite you in the ass. Like maybe you’ll trick a secret abuser who then beats the shit out of you for pulling such absolutely selfish and insane shit on someone and thinking men are there for your “use” and financial support. You’re what lead guys to end up in fits of rage and throwing the woman out a ten story window.

    2. Ever heard of Karma, Girl? I know some guys are really dumb and naive, yet instead of exercising mercy, love and empathy, you use those weaknesses to your advantages. Guess what, one day, you will understand the full meanng of the dear good ol saying: what goes around comes around. By that time, may the dear God have mercy over your soul

    3. Well just remember that looks don’t last. So you better start thinking of getting yourself an education apart from deception and manipulation.

    4. Your mother should be ashamed & your father should have pulled out. You’re absolutely disgusting. Just end it now. No one will care or miss you

    5. You are a psychopath and men and women alike please be aware that psychopaths like this exist amongst us. They charm, they play with hearts and feelings for their own gains. They are the earth’s virus. Please read books about psychopaths and know how to spot them lest they ruin your life forever. You have to be one step ahead of them. Because they don’t operate on our level. They think they’re smart but they don’t realize they only succeed because most of us would never lower ourselves to stoop so low and to be so cruel. They think they’re winning but they’ve failed at life in reality, because the meaning of life is love.

  3. It happened to me in my late 20s. I was seeing on older German woman (her late 30s) who was divorced, and had a kid away in college. We dated for the better part of a year, she was supposedly on birth control. I was in a state of shock, but not denial as we were exclusive. I didn’t want to marry just yet, and would have preferred someone much closer to my age, but I accepted the responsibility. She admitted that she was in love with me, and knew that she only had a few more child bearing years left. We married, and I love her and the three kids she gave us. It turned out that it wasn’t as late as she thought!

    I’m glad she trapped me, it was an act of love.

  4. Someone who has heard of contraception

    This is the biggest pile of horse shit I have ever read. Men: wear a condom if you are that mistrusting of the woman your sleeping with or better yet get the snip. Take some fucking responsibility yourselves! Jesus! She’s trapped with you too and your ‘whining’ about being trapped if there’s an unplanned pregnancy!

    1. If there was birth control for men I would take it. I personally always where a condom because women are naturally distrustful. And you should see the amount of times I get into an argument because I put one on.

  5. “And as a woman, you have to openly admit to at least yourself that you have trapped a man before. Sure, you might have just trapped them into eating at a certain restaurant which has little to no circumstances (except food poisoning) but if it worked, you may be tempted to do it again.” What?! How do you trap someone into eating at a restaurant? Are you saying women trap men into getting food poisoning? I’m so confused. This article is disgusting and misogynistic as hell. I’m not saying this kind of woman doesn’t exist, unfortunately they do, but please do not insinuate all women are capable of trapping men with babies, or that they are all manipulative in general. What even is this.

    1. Truth hurts darling. It’s not mysoginstic to point out women’s nature. You are essentially getting angry at the sky for being blue. I understand your feminist panties are all twisted up but the fact is 99.9% of woman manipulate. Your doing it right now.

  6. My gf just told me she pregnant, but she then tells me she stopped the pill 3 months ago with out notification to me , that is wrong !
    She the says I should of worn a comdom ? Well I would if I was told she had stop the pilll

  7. I fooled a guy that works at the same mall as I do into getting me pregnant by lying and saying I was told I could never get pregnant. Now I am nearly due and I told him. Bahaha!!!! He has a house ?And anyone who stands in my way can go to hell.

  8. I did this to a guy I dated for a short time, I had birth control pills but never took them.
    He could’ve worn a condom, I didn’t convince him not to he brought up he didn’t like condoms and I said if we went to get tested together then I didn’t care.
    It wasn’t him specifically I was gonna “trap” any guy that hooked up with me. I tried the donor route for a little over a year and no luck so I did this instead. I was 21 and he was 22 so I don’t think at that age that he rlly thought maybe he should wrap it up.

    Anyway I got pregnant after the first two months of hooking up and he’s been paying child support for the last few years. I’d say I essentially used him as a donor. I will be completely honest I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know that whether he wanted the baby or not he would have to help me support the child.
    I don’t use the money on me, this was a way to use a donor and to get help raising the child. Not all women do it for marriage, I personally don’t care for it I just wanted to be a mom.
    I know what I did wasn’t right but I honestly wouldn’t take it back.

  9. I was babytrapped by a woman who’s already had kids saying that she’s on birth control after we talked that I didn’t want a relationship with her anymore b/c of her past behavior. She now callously says that she intends to keep the child and that there’s nothing I can do about it now. Tried to reach out thru a lawyer to pay her some money to get the abortion but she says she doesn’t easily fall for money. I guess 18yrs of slavery to this nasty woman is what I now have to endure apart from handling my own personal and family issues. I lost trust in women/men altogether as what they are doing is absolute extortion and blatant disregard for other’s personal views and beliefs. What’s this world? Never felt this disgusted against a human to that point that I cursed them to die a wane death. I feel incredibly sad and helpless as there’s no law nor person who can really help me get out of this situation where I was absolutely conned and deceived of my life for trusting people and being kind to everyone along the way. I hate this world to my core and there’s nothing I can do about it. Baby trapping women, just don’t ruin yourself and destroy men emotionally and financially for a lifetime. You are the scum of earth that god accidentally created and you deserve a thousand deaths.

    1. LotharoftheHillPeople

      I can feel the pain and anguish in the words you have written. I want you to know that there are many of us who have fallen into the same trap. Sometimes the trap is sprung quickly, sometimes it takes years before you realize what has happened. However you ended up in this situation is only relevant if you learn the lesson from this. The worst thing you can do is allow the anger and hurt fester into bitterness. That’s a root that is a bitch to get out. It is my hope for you and others facing this that you will be able to find some perspective on this situation but more importantly on who you are. You are not a man trapped. You are a man who has a powerful spirit inside. You are not a failure if your finances are impacted by this. You already have everything you need. You will find others to love, if you want to. Remember birds of a feather flock together. I do not say these things lightly. My choices have impacted the last 20 years. Be that as it may, my breakthrough, your breakthrough, everyone’s breakthrough comes by forgiveness. Whether it takes weeks or decades to come that place, know this, you will find peace.
      P.S.- I remember when the divorce was finalized on Father’s Day. I remember the rage that came in the following weeks. I also remember wanting them to die. And after I had plotted and schemed every way in my mind, I realized there was nothing for me to do, because THEY will die, eventually. We all do. Be at peace brother, the Father loves you.

  10. Men, never, ever, give a woman authority over your future. That is exactly what you are doing when you blindly accept her saying “I’m on the pill”. If you do not protect yourself, you are giving the woman authority over your life.

    Yes condoms suck, deal with it. You want to know why nobody cares when men get baby trapped? Because they allowed it to happen, they helped the woman set the trap, then walked right into it. Stop it.

    1. Even if you use a condom, some women will purposefully poke holes in them. Or she might take your discarded condoms and take your sperm and impregnate herself with it. This has happened before, so using condoms is no guarantee.

      And since a healthy relationship is built on trust, if a man starts acting all defensive and acts like he does not trust his lover, most honest women would probably leave him. After all, it’s weird if you are trying to build a healthy relationship based on trust, and your partner does not trust you without any reason at all. Most women would say “if you can;t trust me, then why am I in this relationship?”

      And what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if a man baby trapped a woman? Oh, my God, there would be an uproar over that. Might even be criminal charges. Yet it is okay for a woman to baby trap a man? That does not seem right to me.

  11. Wow apparently British women are even more terrible than American ones. I didn’t think that was humanly possible. Alot of you should just end it now & do the world a favor.

  12. I don’t understand why all the fault is on the head of women.
    Excuse me but nobody force a man to sleep with a woman.
    It’s not in 2018 or 2019 we discover that women can lie to get pregnant
    If you don’t want to be a father put condom or refuse having sex if she doesn’t like condom, it’s simple.

    As a man we can’t say she betrayed me, because WE accept and choose to have sex without condom.
    It’s our own responsability if one day she get pregnant because We allowed her to get pregnant [ in not puting condom ]

    I’am not on the side of this women but we must stop putting all the blame on their heads .

    We have to change our mentality and take our responsability if something happenned it’s 50-50 , Iam sorry men but today I can’t be in our side

    And if this woman did it because she loves you and in your heart you love her so
    why not take this act and try to build a relation with her.
    True love is so rare today

  13. I was babytrapped she knew I was close to leaving her so she poked holes in my condom and then boom! and now I need to pay child support and she recently tried to trap me again but I didnt let her do it it sucks I know but it is on me and my fault and now she is having an awesome time while I need to work and pay for more and more and it sucks so much then recently she told me she would use birth control and she showed me the pill so then we had sex and she had the pill and it turns out it was a pill for sickness not birth control and now she is pregnant for a second time and that means even more money I have to earn and spend and she goes “Look your a father to 2 kids soon and you should be proud” and things like this to turn me on and I am afraid I might get trapped for a third time now so a message to all boys is wear a condom and hope they dont poke holes in it.

  14. It takes two to tango. Men should learn to win the battle before they start fighting. Bank your sperm and get a vasectomy, it’s nearly free with health insurance. It’s not up to the trickster to stop tricking , it’s all they are good at doing , it’s up to the one tricked to avoid getting tricked. I am male.

    1. That’s why they often target inexperienced or naive men. A more experienced man would know better, but not all men are experienced enough to detect the patterns of abuse and manipulation. It usually takes time and mistakes to figure out how people are manipulating you and what to watch out for. And hopefully those mistakes are small and not life ruining.

  15. needs to be sex education and these women should be terminated.

    I am attractive mid earner and the amount of men who tried this with me also LOL. They are very manipulative and I’m sorry anyone man or woman trap with a kid should be terminated .

  16. There is only one word for a woman who does this despicable stuff: PROSTITUTE. They are every form of parasitic scum in existence. They are vermin.

  17. Thanks Abbie for understanding , this has happened to me aswell , girlfriend went of the pill and didnt tell me , I asked her one night if shes on the pill and she said she moved to the injection , few weeks later she says shes preganant, shes now my ex , cause I asked her for proof she went onto the injection , but i know she didnt go on it , she trapped me and left

  18. This happened to me last year and the baby was born in April this year. She didn’t want to use a condom and said she had a contraception method, then she got pregnant only 3 weeks after we met. I broke up with her as soon as I found out she trapped me. She literally told me face to face that men only exist to be used, serve and support a Goddess like her and that I now belong to her for the rest of my life. I’m disgusted. I’m far from being rich, I work very hard and I now have to pay a considerable amount of money to that b****. And that’s without counting the fact that I now aware that have a son I will never see growing up. She can afford a luxurious flat in center London and has many credit cards. I have the feeling that my money will just help her reimburse her many credit cards…

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