Turning 50 is Not the End of the World


“Nifty Nifty David is 50,” is a popular roadside taunt left to poke fun at people for turning the supposed “Over the Hill” age of 50. The truth is in today’s world, there are many 50 year olds who are living healthy, active, and happier lives than their 30-year-old counterparts. It seems true that with age comes wisdom, and with this wisdom comes a more confident and satisfying approach to life that enables people to become passionate about their goals and invested in their happiness.

Certainly, for must of us turning 50 means that you have lived far past half of your life since the expectant life span of human beings is not 100 years old. However, turning 50 does not have to be looked at as the end of the world. The reality is that age is just a number, another candle on a birthday cake, another notch on the belt of life. For many people 50 is the beginning of the golden years where you can begin to look forward to a life that involves less work and more pleasure. Today’s 50 year old normally lives an active and healthy lifestyle, and is still able to participate and enjoy many of the same activities as someone who is 30 or 40. The difference is that they are no longer caring for families and are typically more financially secure than they were a decade earlier.

This freedom, is what makes turning 50 such a wonderful thing. According to AARP, most adults upon turning 50, can expect at least 25 more years of an active lifestyle. Currently physical and mental demise that becomes limiting most often occurs after the age of 75 for moderately healthy adults. The AARP also says that many adults at the age of 50, are starting new careers and following dreams that their younger years did not allow time for. And each year in all of the popular sporting events such as marathons and tennis matches – there are ample amount of people 50+ years of age who are participating. In fact, quite often people at the age of 50 are healthier and more health conscious than their younger generation because they feel like they have to be in order to maintain a fruitful and satisfying life.

One study from the University of Pennsylvania indicated that people over the age of 50 were four times as likely to be at a healthier weight, and to eat a healthier diet as well as partake in more weekly exercise than people just ten years younger. So rather than seeing 50 as the slow demise toward old age and senility, many people reach the age of 50 and are exuberated with a feeling of renewal. Perhaps reaching the latter years in life is something that prompts and encourages older people to finally take control of their lives and truly participate in the pursuit of personal happiness.

The following are some of the benefits to turning 50!

  • According to experts, more people at or beyond the age of 50 report more happiness and more enjoyment than younger people do.
  • Most people at the age of 50 are more fiscally responsible and are living within more comfortable financial means. Often this is because many people have their kids out of the house, mortgages and cars paid off, etc.
  • People at the age of 50 and above have a sense of life achievement, and are more direction in their lives than younger people.
  • Spending time with family ranks high with people who are 50years of age or older. Experts believe that as older people have more time enjoy family members, they live happier lives.
  • 2/3rds of 50 year people report more confidence at 50 than ever before in their life.
  • 85% of people 50 and above admitted to worrying less and recognizing the things in life that are important as opposed to the things that are not.
  • As life expectancy increases due to advances in medical technology – 50 years old is no longer considered advanced age.
  • 50-year-old married people or those in relationships, report healthier and happier relationships than those that are younger, probably due to both experience and self-confidence.
  • More 50 year olds spend time indulging in their passions and personal interests than those from a younger generation. Vast research has shown that spending time doing what you love, increases health and happiness.

What it boils down to is perception. If you believe that you are over the metaphorical hill, or nearing the end of your life, or that turning 50 will make you an old fuddy duddy, than it likely will. However, on the flip side if decide to look for the positive things about turning 50, about reaching yet another milestone in life – you can continue to set personal goals for yourself and continually add abundance to your life. Turning 50 is NOT the end of the world. In fact, with age and experience, you can become more adept at living a truly authentic life and can add even more achievements to your life.

If you are close to 50, then take some time to reflect on where you came from, where you have been, and how far you have come in the past half century. Chances are you will find plenty of things to be proud of and plenty more things to look forward to.



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