Turning Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary of Sleep

These days we task our bedrooms with a great number of responsibilities. It’s where we dress, relax, watch Netflix, work and it’s where we sleep. If you are particularly guilty, you might even be known to have a meal or two in there when you are on a time crunch. Sleep can often take the backseat in our bedrooms with all the devices and distractions at our fingertips, so let’s look at how we can gear our bedrooms into a sanctuary of sleep and start seeing better quality sleep follow.

Declutter your bedroom

Our bedrooms have become like those bottom draws that collect any and all miscellaneous items – and today we are going to discuss why you need to declutter all these items. If there is something in your room that doesn’t aid your sleep, reallocate it to another room in your house. You ideally want to have a mattress and bedside table, with all other items confined to a wardrobe and out of sight. It’s important that you enter your bedroom and don’t feel overwhelmed by all the furniture and items that are in the way of your one goal to sleep restfully. If there are other members of your household who are known to park washing baskets and things like that in your room – inform them that this is no longer the place for it.

Manage the lighting

Sound and light are the usual suspects when it comes to interrupted sleep, but you have more control over these factors then you might think. If the light in your room is too harsh or dim, experiment with a range of different bulbs, and introduce a lamp if you can’t get right your overhead lighting where you want it to be. You should also address your curtains and blinds – are they working against your sleeping pattern? Salt lights are a popular option for bedrooms as they have a soft illumination that can be quite relaxing, so assess what you have and what changes need to be made.

Device-free zone

If you are really serious about turning your bedroom into a sanctuary of sleep then you need to take a hard line against devices and establish your bedroom as a device-free zone. You can scroll on socials, catch up on Netflix or reply to emails in every room but your bedroom, as the blue light signals to you that you are alert and awake. They also become a distraction when you are trying to drift off, but rather than grabbing for your mobile phone you should feel content in being still and waiting for sleep to come. Don’t give yourself an easy way out of falling asleep and commit to total rest without your distracting devices.

The right bedding

If you have been looking for an excuse to upgrade your bedding, then this might be it. Quality manchester not only adds to the aesthetic of your room, but it sets you up for comfort and restful sleep. Lumpy pillows and not enough or too much bedding can result in an uncomfortable and restless sleep. Don’t underestimate the value of a pillow that is right for you and your posture and a mattress and sheets that make you feel relaxed in an instant. When upgrading your bedding, you want to have a think about the climate in your area and what materials are going to be the best year-round. You don’t want your bed to make you overheated or too cold.


Quality sleep doesn’t happen by accident – it comes with setting up your bedroom to welcome you into a rested state. Take these 4 tips to your bedroom and see what changes you can make to improve your quality of sleep and your mood when you wake up.

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