Types of Wood You Need in Your Home Decorations

Wood is a universal feature in homes. It is quintessential in delivering that je ne sais quoi that can only be given off by homes, not houses. As such, the use of wood is key in many homes. Most rooms have a particular type of wood color that compliments all of the other parts of the area. Sometimes this means a black credenza, other times this means red cedar tables, or blonde oak cabinets. There are so many types of beautiful woods and stains around the world, it can be hard to pick just one—let alone the right one. Here is a short list of the best wood to use for decorations in your home. All of them are customizable to a massive extent, and of course, stains and sealers are always considerations to think about.

Rattan Wood

If you’re looking for wooden furniture, rattan is the best bet you can make. This wood is normally tan, but it stains extremely well. Often it is mistaken for wicker, which has a similar look but is made of other material. It is known for its flexibility, enabling it to be molded into furniture of all sorts. Rattan chairs are a common accessory for gardens, while rattan coffee tables are normally used as porch and patio surfaces.

Mango Wood

If you’ve ever wanted to use some wood that was highly sustainable and gorgeous when lacquered, this is your wood. Mango wood is literally sourced from mango trees after they’ve stopped producing fruit. This wood is sustainable because the trees are readily available after about 10 years, which is an extremely short period of time for trees to mature. Mango wood is normally a golden orange, but some varieties can have black or pink stripes.

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo is known world-round for its unique look and its versatility. Once processed and cleaned, it normally takes on a tan color and is particularly good for long lasting things. A popular use of bamboo these days is bamboo flooring. If maintained correctly, these hard floors can last for over 50 years! It’s also harder than most hardwoods because of the compressing process, so it is a great option for long term floors.

Cork Wood

Cork might not be the first thing to come to your mind when you think ‘wood’. But it is wood! It’s created by harvesting a particular layer of bark, normally off of a cork oak. Cork has awesome properties that not many people know about outside of wine bottles. In reality, cork has attributes that render it great for soundproofing walls, make it fire retardant, and is hypoallergenic while being good options for insulation.

Cocobolo Wood

One of the most beautiful exotic woods that you can buy, cocobolo is harvested out of Central America. It is a hardwood that is perfectly suitable for anything from tabletops to kitchen counters. It is a hydrophobic wood because of its absorption deficiencies. It is normally a deep red color, sporting great variation between trees. Some rare pieces include yellow, pink, black, green, purple, even blue colorations.

Ebony Wood

Even if you’ve never seen ebony wood, you know that it’s black and hard. What you might not know is that it is harvested out of West Africa and is one of the best sustainable woods that you can find. Its dark color adds layers of depth to any room, so most of the time it is chosen either as a tabletop or as furniture legs. The small grain of the wood makes it ideal for those who want the wood look, with a modern feel.


If you’ve never seen zebra, take a guess at what it looks like before you Google it. It comes from Cameroon and West Africa, where zebra trees are harvested wild for part of the year. The look of this wood is impossible to create with any other types of wood. For that reason, it is a highly sought-after material. It is best used as surfaces or around pictures. Avoid using it where bugs can easily get to it, since the grains are large, and insects are attracted to it.

Purpleheart Wood

Easily one of the most beautiful woods in the world, purpleheart is a deep royal purple, ranging from a grayish purple to a deep eggplant. It comes out of South America and is ideal for everything from flooring to furniture and especially wooden accents in the home. It is a hardwood and so it is highly durable and resistant to rot if left unsealed. If you’re looking for that special something to put into your home, this is it.



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