Unlucky with Money: Breaking the Myth About Luck

“Why am I so unlucky with not just money, but anything in life? Someone please help me understand.”

If you have ever wondered this, or something remotely close, you probably want to drop what you’re doing and keep reading.

Well, first of all, I don’t really believe in luck. I do believe we are all on our own journey and here to learn the lessons that we are meant to learn. I also believe we are conscious co-creators of our lives, and that we don’t just let life passively go by.

That being said, when you find yourself in deep contrast, meaning struggling to pay the mortgage or rent, put food on the table, pay bills, etc., you could say, “Wow, I’m so unlucky in money.” However, that is a limiting belief. It lowers your vibration.

For instance, the law of attraction reminds us: You wouldn’t want anyone to worry about you, would you? Rather, it would be better to have your friends, the people who love you, see you doing well, rocking it. Right? And because worry only causes more worry, when you’re going through times of contrast you certainly don’t want more of that piling up. You need to put it out there that while you are aware of the contrast you’re going through; it is only a temporary setback.

Surround yourself by people who will only build you up and support you. And if you don’t have people like that in your life right now, be your own loving friend. When worrying thoughts creep up, tell them to go take a hike, because your luck is about to change. Then keep those good thoughts close to you and notice as the worry starts to disappear.

On that note, another important piece of advice if you feel like you would like to change your luck around is to find something in your life that is going right. Even if you feel in such despair, there are still things going right.

Like, maybe you could be thankful you are not sick. You have the companionship of healthy fur babies. You live in a beautiful home. The sun shines almost every day. You have a reliable car.  Even at work, you could find things that are going well. Now, why should you do this? Because it helps you focus on what is going right as opposed to always noticing the contrast or the negative bits. When you focus on what is going right, more of that comes to you. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly and what I discovered was that appreciation and gratitude go a very long way.

They carry a high vibration and will bring more of the good stuff to you when you align yourself with being grateful for what you do have going right. I have seen situations and conditions in my life start to shift when taking this approach, not only with my money but in all areas of my life. So, I encourage you to look for the lucky things in your life – the good stuff. Even it seems like it’s completely bleak out there. It could simply be that the elevator in your office building is working today – you can start there.

There are so many other ways to shift your unlucky thoughts to lucky ones, and hopefully these two suggestions will help steer you in the right direction. After all, think how lucky you are you came across this article. See…things are shifting for you already!

Dr. Ming Chee is a Master Money Alchemist. Her approach to creating everlasting abundance is not traditional coaching, it is about making a vibrational shift. “Lack” becomes a thing of the past by tapping into Dr. Ming’s magical cure for money allergies. Sick of blocking money? Don’t miss out on this magical transformation. Get a Sneak Peek! Keep Me Informed! For more information visit www.themoneyalchemist.com.



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