Visiting Baltimore – Things to See and Do

Baltimore is one of the most unique seaside towns in America. Offering both history and the most up to date entertainment, Baltimore visitors get more than just a peaceful vacation by the bay. Starting at the Inner harbor and working outward, Baltimore is home to a conglomerate of various adventures.

The Inner Harbor is the tourist’s hub bub of activity. From authentic battleships of yesteryear to ferries, paddle boats, electric paddleboats, and sightseeing cruises, three days can pass before one even leaves the water’s edge. Being hungry is certainly not an obstacle, as restaurants and eateries and even a food court line the entire harbor from one end to the other.

Of course, the world famous Baltimore Aquarium sits right on the water’s edge as well. The aquarium is one of the highest rated entertainment and education facilities in the United States. With everything from exotic fish to sharks and dolphin shows, the aquarium even has a fabulous rain forest where animals play while people walk through. The aquarium is well laid out to handle crowds without jamming the natural flow of activity.

The ESPN store and eatery is a huge attraction that simply can’t be missed. Any sports fan can find the memorabilia they are seeking, watch three games at once while eating a fabulous meal. Of course, you could always opt to walk a few blocks and watch the Orioles play in their hometown if you prefer.

One of the largest Barnes and Nobles book stores lays against the Inner Harbor. Complete with an elevator, this multi-floor book lover’s paradise serves fresh Starbuck’s specialties inside.

While Fells Point is known for its party town nightlife, it also is home to some of the scariest ghost stories around. Anyone with a little gumption and a desire to explore the paranormal can enjoy this upscale neighborhood’s rich historical figures, in person. Edgar Allen Poe is said to still haunt his favorite bar, The Horse You Came In On. Members of the Fell family can still be seen walking the streets at night, in their 18th century clothing and the prostitutes still flick their red lights (despite the fact that they are covered with dry wall and paint) in the Cat’s Eye Pub.

The Baltimore Zoo hosts events, camps, and tours that are sure to widen the eyes of youngsters. With animal conservation and education as their focal point, they make animals part of the everyday world in their fantastic exhibits and create wonder in the eyes of kids and adults alike.

The Pier Six Concert Pavilion hosts concerts and tours like no one else. From causes to parties, Pier Six is always hopping with exciting and interesting shows. Pier Six hosts many Women’s Movement Concerts as well as AIDS benefit concerts and other awareness concerts annually. Tickets are usually required ahead of time, but with a little planning, a fabulous concert can be had for reasonable prices.

Summertime in Baltimore can mean entertainment for literally, just a few bucks. Street performers in Baltimore are highly talented and fun individuals. There’s nothing quite like walking right into an impromptu performance. Street performers have become part of Baltimore’s heritage and are just as valuable to the spirit of the town as the tall ships and sailboat races.

Baltimore’s little treasures are found in the unlikely corners. Each little treasure caters to a different crowd, and each little treasure is called so for its own special reason. One of the down home wintertime treasures is just outside of Baltimore, known as Costas Inn. This little treasure has summertime crabs in the dead of winter. For those seeking the joy of the infamous blue crab in the middle of January, a little taste of summer is waiting just outside Baltimore in the town of Dundalk. These blue crabs are equitable to what one might expect mid season, filled with meat and fresher than fresh.

Fells Point is filled with pubs and bed and breakfasts that can make a visit to Baltimore much more personal and enjoyable. Celie’s Waterfront Inn is one of the most highly recommended bed and breakfasts in the Baltimore area. Close to downtown and the Inner Harbor, Celie’s offers rooms right on the water, a garden patio, wireless internet access, loaner laptop computers and cordless phones with free local and long distance calling, refrigerators, coffee makers, personal room temperature controls, high count thread sheets, private bathrooms, and more.

Crafty little shops are abundant in Baltimore, but you won’t find them in the main Inner Harbor strip. A block or two inland produces a whole new face of Baltimore, a face that makes shopping an entirely new experience altogether.

Baltimore hosts over 100 seasonal events and festivals each year. With so much going on, there isn’t enough time in three vacations to cover it all. Whether you prefer to plan out an itinerary or wing it and go spontaneously through your Baltimore vacation, there are activities, restaurants, and play galore for the Baltimore visitor.



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