Waxing the Bikini Line – Removing Pubic Hair

Admit it. You have seen those risqué adds that feature lingerie clad models (or naked ones) who seem to have the perfectly manicured nether regions. Is it real? Or is it photo-shopped? Because every time you try to duplicate the well-manicured look of a string bikini model you end up with razor rash that looks like you are carrying some rare form of impetigo. Or worse, you over shave the area (just a few days before your OBGYN appointment) and look like you chose a dare during a drunken game of Truth or Dare.

There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t at some point considered waxing her bikini line. For most, the decision comes down to just how much pain they can endure for the sheer and shallow sake of beauty. Waxing the eyebrows, the lip line – well, that is one thing. But waxing the sensitive skin of the bikini area? Can someone say, “Ouch!” And yes, even the experts who perform dozens of Brazilians (which leaves you with only a small strip of hair) per day will be honest enough to tell you that waxing the bikini line DOES hurt. Especially the first few times you do it. Chances are you knew that, because anytime you pull a hair out from the root with hot wax, there is a predisposition to some sort of pain, right? However, the experts also say that the more you wax, the less it hurts. This either means that you will get used to the pain, or (as the experts claim) that the root balls that hold the coarse pubic hair in place will get smaller with waxing, and therefore less painful when they are ripped from their happily planted root in your skin.

So what are the benefits of a bikini wax you ask? Perhaps the most beneficial benefit is that the hair will grow back much more slowly than it does with shaving or when using hair removal products. Plus, sources say that the more you wax, the less hair that will actually grow back over time because the harsh process actually damages the hair follicles. Some women report that a good bikini wax lasts a month or longer, while other says it only lasts a couple of weeks. Either way, the hair grows back finer, and doesn’t resemble the itchy and annoying stubble that you are left with after shaving. Another benefit is that it is less expensive than permanent hair removal processes that do not always work such aselectrolysis. And, waxing tends to leave the area very smooth and supple afterwards (although you should use aloe or anti-inflammatory creams afterwards) which can be aesthetically pleasing to any mate you have that spends time near your bikini area.

There are also some risks associated with waxing. First of all, as you wax the hair you leave an open area of skin which near the pubic area can be prone to infection. So, it is important that you first – visit only a licensed aesthetician to get the waxing performed. And secondly, that you keep the area very clean. Additionally, you can expect to be put in a fairly uncomfortable position when you get your waxing performed. In other words, the person doing the wax will see almost as much (or perhaps more) of your private region as does your OBGYN. And, if you are getting a Brazilian wax – you will be completely hairless from belly button to backside. (And yes, this includes all the areas in between the cracks and crevices of your body!) If you are modest and get embarrassed easily, then you might find the procedure not just painful, but slightly uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Planning your appointment is also important. As mentioned before, use only a licensed aesthetician to do the procedure. Also, stay out of the sun for several days prior to the appointment as waxing sun burned skin is not recommended. Make sure that you are not on your period, or about to be on your period – because this would make the procedure completely embarrassing – and the specialist would not be able to do the wax. And, look around online at some images so that you can have an idea of what you expect. Some waxes take significantly more hair than others will. The Brazilian wax will remove all the hair on the labia and only leaves a very small patch of hair. And of course, you can choose to get a bikini wax that leaves nothing behind, leaving you completely bald ‘down yonder.’ One word of advice is to start small, because it will hurt! Then you can build up to waxing more and more of the area.

Thinking of trying the bikini wax at home? Bikini waxing – or waxing of any kind at home, really depends on you. Most people would have no problem putting on the wax, but would have some pretty serious issues trying to remove it. It needs to be done fast and furiously in order to be effective. Maybe you should try placing duct tape on your bikini area first and seeing if you can pull it off without a hitch or hesitation.

In the end, keep in mind that pubic hair is there for a reason. It’s supposed to help keep bacteria from entering your body. Sure, it might not be sexy. Most people would agree that an overgrown, bushy pubic region is quite a turn off sexually as well. The last thing you want people on the beach to be staring at you for is because you have all sorts of hair shooting out from your bikini line. But whether you wax or not – totally up to you!



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