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Ways to Future-Proof Your Home for Aging in Place

Whether you’re a homeowner who’s getting older or have parents who are aging, you need to know that the home is both safe and convenient for your future needs. Aging in place allows you or a loved one to stay in the house without needing to go into a local assisted living facility simply because the property is no longer efficient to their needs. There are several ways for you to essentially future-proof the house, making it safe, comfortable and convenient for anyone who is living there.

Using Smart Appliances

Smart appliances allow you to control different things around the house using a smartphone or tablet device. For instance, an intelligent plug can be used with virtually any type of lamp, smaller heating system or device that is needed. You can then turn on the plug to power what’s been put into it. This prevents you or a loved one from having to physically get up and walk over to turn on a simple light or small heating system.

Installing a Home Elevator

Adding a home elevator to the residence doesn’t just improve safety and efficiency, it can also be beneficial when it concerns adding value to the entire property. These elevators are spacious enough to allow you or a loved one to get in with a wheelchair and walker without the need to climb the stairs. This is a welcome addition for residents who have weak legs or who are completely immobile. Stiltz Home Elevators aren’t just beautiful, they’re functional and advantageous to senior homeowners who don’t want to sell just because they live in a two or more-story house.

Wider, More Spacious Doors

If you or a relative is in a wheelchair, the narrower doors won’t be very accommodating when trying to pass through. Rather than having to get help going from one room to the next, simply widening these doors can make them more spacious and easier for individuals who use wheelchairs and walkers. This prevents the need to move just because the doors are too narrow for disability appliances.

Robotic Cleaning

If a person is bound to a wheelchair or has issues with walking, this doesn’t mean that the housecleaning needs to suffer as a result. Robotic vacuums can be powered by a smartphone or tablet and used to clear away the dust and debris from the floors. This can save money by avoiding having to hire a cleaning service to come in and do the same work for you, and it prevents you or a parent from having to get a broom and dust pan to do the job alone, possibly getting hurt in the process.

Walk-In Tubs

One of the most problematic daily tasks that seniors have involves bathing and showering. Having to climb up and into a tub isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s downright dangerous. For this reason, installing a walk-in tub can help you or a relative have a more comfortable experience when taking baths or hand-held showers. The door to the tub is completely sealed, so there is no worry that water will leak onto the floor outside. Most of these tubs come complete with a seat, which prevents the individual from having to stand up.

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