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Ways to Improve Your Garage on a Low Budget

You might think that doing a garage makeover is impossible if you’re on a low budget, but rest assured, you can turn the cramped area of your office and all the clutter that are keeping you from parking your car into a well-organized space where you can find all the tools and equipment you need. You will find that you can achieve that with a low budget.

Soon enough, if you follow some of the ideas mentioned here, your garage might even be your new favorite place to hang out in.

Organize Your Equipment

Start by tidying the clutter of equipment in your garage. This will help you figure out what you want to do with everything; what is junk and what isn’t. You can also categorize them by their function so you don’t have to search for the tools you may need when you go out camping for example.

Decluttering will help you manage the space of your garage and give you an early idea of where to store your equipment and where to place shelves and cabinets. It would also be a good idea to get everything out so you can clean your garage more easily and prepare it for a wall or floor makeover.

Paint It

Painting your garage walls and/or floors is one of the cheapest ways to give your space a makeover. White paint can also make it look neater and more professional; it will make working in your garage more pleasant. Pick your favorite painting pots and start painting your garage walls. You might prefer paints that offer great durability against materials you use when working in the garage, like oils, soot, etc. that cannot come off easily with water and soap. With these special paints, you can clean the walls and maintain the look of professionalism to your space.

Improve The Look of Your Garage Floor

You can also paint your garage floor. However, this is a less preferable option. Though your garage floor might look shiny and clean after painting, you will soon find out that paint doesn’t last long and that you’ll have to do it all over again in three years. If you want a more durable option, invest in concrete garage flooring and have sleek, shiny, and beautiful concrete cover your garage floor at a reasonable price. You can also have your concrete polished, stained, or sealed according to your taste. Concrete flooring makeover can make your garage look as good as new; the beauty of concrete stone may even prompt you to spend more hours working in your garage.

Display Your Tools

While toolboxes sound great (they keep all those tools in one place after all), but you may prefer to keep them displayed in front of you. You can do that by purchasing magnetic storage panels from the nearest hardware store. Along with being an incredibly cheap tool, you can display all your tools in front of you and pick out the ones you need at your convenience.

Use the Ceiling

Your ceiling can be used to keep things out of the way or store them. For example, you can use the ceiling to hang stuff that takes up too much space like bicycles and ladders. You can also make it a storage space for things you need only for yearly or seasonal occasions. You can use storage bins for said equipment and get back to them months later. After this step, you will find more space available to you.

Store Sports Equipment

If your kids are doing sports, your space is probably cluttered with all sorts of sports equipment. Instead of having all the equipment cluttered in one storage bin, you can use bungee cords and nails, keeping them hanging on the wall and saving a lot of space. You can also use them to store fishing rods and balls, if you place four or five bungee cords to the wall, keeping the balls in place.

Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelves are the best when it comes to saving space. You can practically place all your paraphernalia there. Tools that take up too much space, like gardening tools, can be placed there too. Rollout shelves will make your life easier when you place all the small tools that you often can’t find there.

It’s pretty easy to have a well-organized and well-ordered garage with a minimum budget. You only need to have a lot of energy and creativity to plan your space well. Giving your garage that long-needed makeover is an exciting experience and will engage your mind and your imagination, so make sure to plan that makeover right to have that garage you’ve always wanted.

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