Wedding Stress – Getting Married Can Get Stressful

If you’re expecting a lot of pre-wedding stress as you plan for your big day, then you’re probably right. Planning a wedding is a very busy time. While stress shows that you’re in touch with your feelings and excited about the wedding, there are still ways to minimize the pressure without having to step back from the situation.

Stress management is an important process for wedding planning and beyond. You want to be closely involved with the wedding, but too much stress can interfere with the likelihood that the day will pass smoothly.

According to, there are four main tasks involved in stress management. By following the four steps, you minimize your anxiety around this special day:

  • Recognize and understand the signs of stress.
  • Identify and understand the sources of stress.
  • Learn to manage controllable sources of stress.
  • Learn to support yourself and cope with stress reactions to situations beyond your control.

Signs of Stress

Too much stress can cause a number of negative symptoms. According to, the signs of stress include a loss of appetite, chest pain, breathlessness, weight loss, sleeplessness, loss of sexual drive, mood swings, depression, headaches, irritability, lack of concentration, and dependence on alcohol.

If you’re preparing for your big day, then you’ll want to be in top shape so that you can enjoy the moment to its fullest. A wedding can be a stressful event, but by channelling your nerves into excitement instead of stress, you’ll give yourself a better chance of success while planning and preparing for your special day.

Sources of Stress

While you are preparing for your wedding, there are many difficult decisions to be made, expenses to be handled, expectations to reach, and new roles to anticipate. You might not realize the emotional impact that these situations can cause. By ignoring the sources of stress, you open yourself up to the possibility of letting pressure take over.

It’s understandable that you want your wedding to be absolutely perfect; perfection can be a difficult standard to reach. By expecting a perfect wedding, all you are doing is providing yourself with an extra-large source of stress.

You will also have to learn how to manage relationships that can cause stress. When you’re planning a wedding, there are five main types of people that can cause difficulties for you. By dealing with these people and situations appropriately, you limit the stress in your own life:

  • Wedding Vendors they want to make as much money as they can and try to sell you on the more expensive options. Stick to your budget – you’ll feel better for it.
  • Divorced or Bickering Friends it’s not your job to solve everybody’s problems; it’s their job to respect your special event. If friends are acting out of line, tell them that you’re happy to have them at the wedding, but that you’’d appreciate it if they didn’t fight during the day.
  • Well-wishing Friends and Family Remember that it’s your wedding. you’ll hear so many different opinions on what colours are best and what to choose for your wedding thank friends and family for their input, but do things your way.
  • Your Parents Your parents are used to having their input in all aspects of your life. it’s important to keep them involved and give them tasks to take care of, but make sure that your wedding turns out your way, not theirs.
  • Each Other You and your partner will clash on some decisions. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for you both. By dividing the tasks and making sure that you both have things to take care of, you’ll feel equally involved. Make sure to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner throughout the planning.

If you recognize the sources of stress involved in planning a wedding, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding its effects on your happiness. A bit of stress is okay, but too much stress can take its toll on your body and mind.

Overcoming Stress

If you are having a tough time managing your wedding stress, then there are a number of things that you can do to reduce the pressure to make it manageable once again:

Look over your expectations and see whether or not they are fair. If you’re expecting too much from your wedding, then you’re going to have way too much stress in planning it. While a perfect wedding is a great thing, creating that perfect wedding is out of your control.

Trust others to do their parts well. You can’t expect to have limited wedding stress if you aren’t willing to trust others with the jobs that you have given them. If the wedding planner is taking care of the food and knows what you want, then let her do her job. If you have a family member taking care of finding a photographer, then let them carry out the search. By micromanaging every situation, you are only putting yourself in a position to get burned out and frustrated.

Make sure that your wedding plans fit your actual desires. Many couples launch into stressful and over-the-top planning when they don’t even know what they really want. By talking with your partner and finding out what expectations he or she has for the wedding, you will be able to set up an event that pleases you both.

Delegate more of your activities to other people that are willing to help. Instead of feeling like the wedding is all yours to plan, you need to realize that many people are happy to help make this a special day for you, too.

Trust the vendors. While you might not trust people that you don’t know with the jobs that you have given them, you need to realize that they are wedding experts. Be selective on which areas you choose to watch closely and let the pros do their job.

Take some time off work if things get too busy in the pre-wedding period. Your main focus will be on the wedding, not your job, so do what you need to do. Worry about the income later.

Wedding stress always comes to those that don’t prepare for it beforehand. If you take the precautions to understand the sources of stress, then you’ll be much more ready to handle the issues that do come your way.

Just remember that stress is a part of the wedding-planning process, because your emotions are so attached to special day. By minimizing the pressure and trusting others, you’ll make it easier for yourself to have fun planning your big event.



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  1. I am all the things mentioned and I noticed a drastic change in weight loss planning my wedding for July 10th 2021. I went from 166/167 to 143. I’m 5’7 and my ideal weight was 145 but with more defined muscle mass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely ‘MILFY”, just didn’t want the (top model body”.

    Parents stressing me from “non custodialism”, working behind the scenes and hearing over and over how I need to stop stressing because ” their not and its easy”………………………uhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, ya think?

    Then bridesmaids stressing their looks and I just had to let them know EVERYONE WILL BE uniformed! I definitely have huge things riding on presentation and its the type were both comfortable with and were working quickly towards it. Oh yeah and my birthday is June 9th :-/
    Not really sure but Ill bet this all triggered even deeper after our original date was July 14 2019…. maybe. If i’m unreachable at this point because I don’t really know how to get back to this exact spot, just know venting helped.

    Things will be amazing I’m sure and well be sure to enjoy it all but I am definitely wanting to know if and when this will be over (stress, weightloss) etc????? HELP!

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