Weird and Wonderful Laundry Hacks

For many people doing laundry is an activity we wish would just magically get done by itself. It’s often very time consuming when it involves stain removal. With the select products needed to remove such stains, it could also be quite expensive.

Detergent companies strive to be the best stain remover on the market, as this is what their customers seek. Luckily there are many hacks out there in the world that can make laundry more fun and easier on all of us.

Keep Your Blacks Black

If you love the color black, then you most likely hate it when your favorite black t-shirt or jeans start to fade. It’s even more annoying when you wear an all-black outfit where all the different items are a different shade of black. So how can you keep your clothes as black as the day that you bought them? Easy, add a few cups of tea or coffee to your rinse cycle.

With this simple tip, your clothes will never look mismatched or faded again.

Save Money on Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are essential when you use a tumble dryer, but they can cost quite a bit of money. A great way to save some money is to use a ball of aluminum foil. It’s excellent for helping clothes dry and removes static. The best part is that you can use the same aluminum ball for a couple of months before you have to change it.

You only need a small-sized ball and make sure it’s balled up tightly.

Remove Stains Easily

Nothing is more frustrating than spending so much time and effort trying to remove stains. From pre-wash to soaking, it can take a lot of time without yielding the desired results. For this problem, tobacco will soon be the solution. Now you may be asking, “How will tobacco solve this?” and the answer is quite simple.

Researchers have shown that, through genetic engineering, tobacco plants can create an enzyme called Cel6A. This enzyme is excellent at breaking down large cells and therefore breaks down stains on clothing very quickly. Very soon, there might be a tobacco-based stain removal product that will make your pre-wash and soaking days a thing of the past.

Use Ice Cubes in the Dryer

Ironing and steaming a large pile of clothes is not the most fun thing to do. Fortunately, there is a great way not to have to iron your clothes at all if you have a dryer. Just add a handful of ice to your drying load. To make sure the hack works, do not fill up your dryer with wet clothes, or use too many ice cubes.

Unshrink Clothes

It’s devastating when your favorite item of clothing shrinks in the washing machine. You might have to get rid of it, but there’s a way to bring it back to its original size. All you need is lukewarm water and hair conditioner. Just soak the item of clothing for a few minutes in the solution to stretch it back to its original size.

Hack Your Way Through Laundry

Hacks are a great way to make you more productive and your life much more comfortable. Using these hacks can put the fun back into doing laundry. The best part is that with all the time and energy you will save using these hacks, you can sit back and relax or enjoy a well-deserved snack.