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Pregnancy is a big part of womanhood, especially for those that are sexually active. It seems that women spent part of their sexually active life hoping they don’t get pregnant, and the other half planning babies and trying to conceive. And even with so much education available to women in regard to pregnancy – there are still a great many women who aren’t exactly clear what their odds of getting pregnant are during certain sexual situations. Hopefully, this question and answer article will help.

First and foremost, it is important to realize that the ONLY 100% method of avoiding pregnancy is abstinence. Birth control and contraceptives, while highly effective when used properly, can and do sometimes fail. There are hundreds of factors such as ovulation and sperm counts that directly affect the odds of conception. But basically, any sort of penile ejaculation into the vagina, or in contact with the vagina – can cause pregnancy.

What are my Odds of Getting Pregnant?

I had oral sex and swallowed his ejaculation, can I get pregnant?
No. It is impossible for sperm to make it from your mouth and digestive tract to your reproductive organs. While oral sex does not cause pregnancy, it can spread STD’s.

He ejaculated while I was wearing clothing, can I get pregnant?
In most instances, no. This is especially true if the clothing was very thick. However, if you were wearing thin underwear and the ejaculation occurred on the outside near the vagina, there is a slim chance that a strong swimming sperm would be able to make it through the thin fibers and into the vaginal opening. After ‘dry’ intercourse (sex without penetration), you should take care to wipe off any remnants of ejaculation from your body in order to prevent pregnancy.

He was wearing a condom and we had sex, can I get pregnant?
Condoms are around 99% effective when used properly! However, since they provide a barrier method it is imperative that the condom be checked for holes or leaks, and that they are brand new in unopened packaging as light and temperature can diminish the quality of latex condoms. Even so, condoms are NOT a 100% guarantee and must be used properly to ensure pregnancy.

He put his penis inside me, and put on a condom before he came, can I get pregnant?
Yes. The reason is that men have something called pre-come, which is a pre-ejaculation that contains sperm. This sperm, while not as potent as a true ejaculation, is able to impregnate a female.

We used the withdrawal method, can I get pregnant?
Yes, the withdrawal method is not effective to prevent pregnancy at all. For one thing, the preejaculation contains sperm, and most men have little to no control over their ejaculation once it begins, which means that the sperm matter can be left in the vagina as he was pulling out.

I douched after sex, can I get pregnant?
Douche is not effective at cleansing the vagina and reproductive organs from sperm. Once sperm enters the vagina, it begins swimming up into the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus where pregnancy occurs, and douching does not flush those areas of the vagina.

We had sex while I was on my period, can I get pregnant?
Yes, while your chances are slimmer – many women may ovulate and still be on their period. And timing your cycles is not a way to prevent pregnancy, as most women are inconsistent. Plus, sperm can live in the vagina and reproductive organs for several days after sex.

We had anal sex, can I get pregnant?
Yes, if ejaculation occurs anywhere near the vaginal area, there is a chance – however slim, that you can get pregnant should just one sperm make its way into the vaginal opening.

I am on the pill, can I get pregnant?
Most physicians recommend that you are on the pill at least 6 weeks before having unprotected sex. However, there are many instances where oral contraceptive was not effective at preventing pregnancy. Most women are successful using oral contraceptives, but they do not provide 100% protection.

I took the morning after pill, can I get pregnant?
When the morning after pill is taken as directed and prescribed by a physician, pregnancy will normally not occur. Depending on the emergency contraceptive used, it is important that the pills be taken within a certain time frame of having sex. Since these pills can have serious side effects, it is imperative that you speak to a doctor or pharmacist before taking them.

We slept together naked, but did not have sex, can I get pregnant?
It would be rare, but not impossible – especially if any sexual activities took place that left his ejaculation near your vaginal area. However, simply sleeping together while naked would not be a cause for pregnancy concern.

Essentially, the only wholly effective way to not get pregnant is through abstinence. Even so, in most cases it takes both vaginal penetration and ejaculation to cause a pregnancy. If you are sexually active, you should consult with a physician and talk about contraceptive methods as well as ways to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases that could affect your fertility and your health, in the years to come.



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  1. Men are also affected by the decline in fertility. Contrary to popular opinion, the age of humans also impacted the chances of conceiving: If 78% of men see in 6 months when they are under 25 years of age, they are more than 58% to go beyond 35 years. The significant drop in fertility in men is around 45 years old.

    It is not enough to stop the pill to be pregnant da: 2 couples on 3 must wait 6 months before then that dry… well Yes, in Ra reality, a woman has 20% chance to get pregnant to each cycle. You must determine the duration of its cycle, i.e. the period between the 1st day of the 1st day of the following rules.

    It varies from one woman to another, from 25 to 35 days. Then, to find the day of ovulation, attention, counting backward: we egg 12 to 14 days before the end of the cycle.

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