What Are The Basic Requirements To Teach English Online in Mexico?

In recent times, with prices soaring and inflation ballooning, it can feel more and more as though most people are living beyond their means. However, there is good news in the sense that it is not too late to act, and be able to take steps to reverse this worrying trend.

One way to do so is to cut back on optional expenses, such as multiple vacations a year, although there are still ways to have a great holiday with the kids on a budget by being creative and flexible with time. Conversely, the other major way to plan for hard times is to increase earnings, and one simple way to do that is to consider working online.

The digital sphere has enabled countless global citizens to transform the way they work, and be able to utilise their time and effort even more effectively. A career that takes advantage of the upsides of remote is that of a TEFL (or Teach English as a Foreign Language) teacher, and some of the basics of this wonderful vocation are outlined below. 

What is TEFL?

Broadly speaking, TEFL is the capacity to teach English to native speakers of a different language. The vast majority of people across the planet listen to music or watch TV shows in English, or use it for business or academic means, so there is a great need to learn and practice English for work or study purposes.

This creates an opportunity for a TEFL educator to help them along their way, and add value to their learning journey. What is more, the ability to hold classes remotely means that a TEFL tutor can be located almost anywhere, and the same goes for the students too.

What does a TEFL teacher need to get started?

the best way to begin the process of becoming a TEFL instructor is to get certified. As an example, there is this great article from the TEFL Org on teach English in Mexico, detailing the low costs and adaptable studying schedules that allow future TEFL tutors from all backgrounds and circumstances to get going in this fantastic career path.

An authentic TEFL certification, is a wise investment, enabling anyone  to pick up great practice and refresh themselves on all the essentials of the English language, all within the safety net of an environment designed to ease them into the profession. On top of that, the course leaders possess a wealth of real life experience, and are able and willing to lend their expertise to support newcomers into the field.

Where are some good places to teach TEFL online?

As the remote nature of the work implies, it is in theory possible to work from almost anywhere on the planet, but there are certainly a couple of up-and-coming locations that offer great value for money and plenty of other positives besides. One such example that immediately springs to mind is Mexico.

With over a million and a half American expats already residing in Mexico, there is no shortage of native English speakers who have made the transition and could answer any questions regarding life south of the border. This should provide a smoother bedding in period for any new arrival to Mexican shores, and also put into perspective the fact that it is a journey that many have made successfully before.

What other benefits does Mexico have to offer?

Beyond that, the cost of living in Mexico is also much lower than in developed nations, such as the United States or Canada. In other words, this means that a TEFL teacher would not need to teach quite as many classes as they would if they lived in a place with a higher cost of living. To give one simple example, the rent in a city like Guadalajara is up to 85% less than the mean rate of accommodation in New York City.

The upside of this is obvious, in that extra care and attention can then be given to those lessons, providing them with a greater depth of detail and analysis. In turn, this ought to lead to the TEFL instructor becoming more confident in their content, as well as having more energy to teach those sessions with the vitality and passion they deserve.

Last but by no means least, being on the ground in a large city such as Mexico City is an ideal way to learn another language such as Spanish. Being able to go through the same study mechanisms as TEFL learners will almost certainly have a positive impact on the way the TEFL tutor prepares and delivers classes online.     




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