What Are The Responsibilities Of A Body Corporate Manager?

Residential and commercial properties require careful attention and administrative expertise in order to function harmoniously. Body corporates are legal entities that are established to organise and administer these spaces, ensuring that all of its members receive the benefits that they are entitled to. To ensure that the body corporate itself is run harmoniously, a body corporate manager needs to be appointed.

If you currently are or will soon become a body corporate manager, it is important to know what you need to do to be effective in this position. As both a manager of people and a person with unique responsibilities, having some clarity will help you prepare and navigate this role with ease.

To this end, let’s look at some of the essential responsibilities of body corporate managers.

Legal Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a body corporate manager stem primarily from legal requirements under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act. This legislation requires a body corporate manager to fulfil numerous process-related duties. These include convening an Annual General Meeting each year, maintaining rolls and registers of the Body Corporate, and drafting budgets and issuing levies throughout the year. Calling and taking minutes for other meetings of the body corporate throughout the year may also be necessary if important issues need to be discussed. Any motions or directives that emerge from these meetings also need to be implemented by the body corporate manager.

Part of a body corporate manager’s responsibilities also includes the maintenance of any financial records involving the body corporate. While financial decisions will usually need to be made in consultation with the rest of the body corporate committee, the body corporate manager is the person who is ultimately responsible for financial affairs.

Social Responsibilities

While the social responsibilities of a body corporate manager are not always clearly defined by legislation, they’re still just as important as those that are defined as such. Body corporate managers need to closely interact and engage with members of the body corporate. The manager must be the type of person who can understand the needs of community members and work to convene the collective to meet certain goals.

Since the position of body corporate manager also requires record-keeping and note-taking, it is important that the person who fills this position is conscientious and organised. Mistakes in financial records will create chaos in a body corporate and it is essential that the manager be attentive to the potential for errors.

In some cases, a body corporate manager is appointed to the position who may already have a full-time job in a completely unrelated field. In this case, it is important to be aware of the time demands that come with the position. In many cases, hiring a professional body corporate manager who conducts the responsibilities of the position as a primary job will be necessary. This is especially the case for larger body corporates that are made up of many members.

Managing The Community

It is vitally important to have someone in the role of body corporate manager at any body corporate. Without someone to implement the decisions of the broader community or committee, it is likely that nobody will be incentivised or able to fulfil the responsibilities outlined here.~

If you are a body corporate manager or will soon become one, make sure to carefully understand the responsibilities outlined here. Since there are both legal and social responsibilities involved, it is important to find the right person to fill such a role.

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