What Are the Side Effects of Sleeping with the Light On?

No doubt, sleeping with light on at night has side effects. It gets worse if your house is located close to streetlights streaming from your windows. Studies have shown that exposure to lights at night house before or during sleep is not good for your health. According to the Washington Post, lights regulate your brain’s biological clock, and the regulator is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

A study in 2022 showed that participants who slept with lights on claimed to have had good sleep, but their brain recording showed that there was rapid eye movement during sleep. The study was conducted on relatively healthy young people. There are speculations that further studies on older people will show more disadvantages of sleeping with light on.

How to manage lights at night and get better sleep

These days, it may seem tough to sleep in total darkness because you can’t control all the light around you. They are lights sold for better sleep at night. The best light for sleep is designed with scientifically based technology that is safe and natural. Below are a few tips for managing lights at night and enjoying the best sleep.

Reduce light exposure before bedtime

One of the best ways to get good sleep at night is to reduce any exposure to light at least three hours before bedtime. Dim your lights and stay away from smartphones before you sleep. Furthermore, if you reduce the light exposure before bedtime, it will allow melatonin release. Constant exposure to light before you sleep may make you restless at night.

Change the quality of the lights you use

Exposure to shortwave blue lights at night or before you sleep is not good for your eyes. Blue light hitting your retinas before bedtime will reduce your sleep quality. Usually, the blue light comes from computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. However, you can filter out the blue light by reducing the brightness or changing the settings of the gadget.

Keep your sleep environment dark

To reduce the natural brightness in the room, draw the blinds. Also, look around and check for unnecessary lights that are on and would affect your sleep. Keeping all your lights on will also drain your energy and increase your bills. Also, let the lights on your smartphones be dim so it doesn’t wake you up suddenly.

Use eye mask

Another easier way to block every light from getting into your eyes is to wear an eye mask. Eye mask blocks lights and helps you sleep better. Studies have also shown that an eye mask improves your subjective sleep quality. Meanwhile, ensure that the eye mask is not too tight. Opt for a flexible eye mask.


Lights are becoming one of the causes of poor sleep at night. People who live close to street lights are the worst hit because their rooms are always bright. However, you can use any of the remedies here to reduce the reflection of lights into your room.



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