What Big Businesses Can Learn From the Craft Beer Boom

Sometimes it seems like businesses are so vastly different from one another, that they can’t learn anything from one another. After all, what can a car company learn from a video game corporation? Or what can a factory that makes faucets emulate from a construction business? Well, it turns out there’s quite a lot that big businesses can learn from one another.

The recent craft beer boom has been wonderful for the brewing industry, and big businesses can continue to learn from the brewing world because there are a lot of lessons that will work for any business!

Everyone Works Together

In most big businesses it is a dog eat dog world. You are either big and on the top of the hill, or are getting crushed by the big guys. Everyone is trying to outfox and outmaneuver one another in an attempt to be the best, and that can make the world of big business almost impossible to break into.

However, in the world of the brewery business, they don’t work alone, just like their customers don’t drink alone! Most craft breweries cross promote, work together, share secrets, and look out for one another, even if the competition for shelf space and tap handles is pretty huge. But because everyone works together to make the  best brand of beer possible, the customers keep coming back.

Because they see it as all about the beer rather than a massive cash grab, customers keep going back to the products!

The Best Breweries Use Their Employees

While most big businesses focus on the big names dropping the products and allowing their employees to fade into the background, the best breweries work with their employees to show what it is like to work at the company to their customers. An environment of fun and family and creativity that customers can feel every time they drink their beer.

Because let’s be honest, anything made by someone who really loves what they do is going to just be a much better experience for the customer!

Craft Breweries Take Advantage Of Technology

Much like big business, craft breweries take full advantage of the technology they have in order to manage their inventories, keep their must-have items in stock, and to track customer engagement across their many platforms. There’s a lot that big businesses could learn from the technology employed by breweries, such as learning new ways to do old processes.

For example, one of the best pieces of technology that breweries use is the website GetOllie, which is a management software. If you want to see how it could help your business then request a free demo of GetOllie at GetOllie.com.

No Business Is Ever Too Big To Learn

The best businesses and business owners are always looking to see what is happening in the world around them, especially in the rest of the business world. If booms are happening, then the businesses that succeed are going to be the ones that take advantage of them.

So if you own a big business, don’t be afraid to look into the craft brewery boom or other similar successes that are being enjoyed by others in the business world. You might be able to take advantage of it, or at least learn something that you might be able to take away for your own business.

After all, most businesses tend to have more in common with one another than you might think, and by trying to emulate their success, you might find some real common ground!



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