What Can I Do After I Have a Laser Hair Removal Session?

There’s no doubt that laser hair removal is a great way to achieve the look that you desire. Do check out options for different professionals and settle on one like Natnatureway.com offering laser hair removal in Brooklyn, NY for your first round of treatments. In the 24 to 48 hours after each session, it’s possible to go about many of your usual daily activities. Some changes are in order, including the following:

Stay Away From Tanning Beds and Don’t Spend a Lot of Time in the Sunday

During the first couple of days after a session, don’t work on your tan. That includes visiting tanning salons or doing some sunbathing in the backyard. Laser treatments don’t damage the skin, but a little healing does occur. By not exposing the sun to UV rays or the heat generated by a tanning bed, you can ensure that healing is not slowed down in any way.

See this as a good time to enjoy some indoor pursuits. Read the book that you’ve been meaning to start or stream a movie that you’ve wanted to see. The time you would normally spend in the sun or at a tanning salon can be used for all sorts of enjoyable pursuits and may be the break in you day that you need.

Treat Yourself to Something Good to Eat

Feel free to treat yourself during the first day or two after a session. While you should exercise some restraint for general purposes, think of some food you enjoy but haven’t eaten in some time. Make it a special occasion and prepare the food or order in. If you like, meet up with a friend at a nice restaurant and enjoy the dish of your choice.

Wear Your Favorite Loose Cotton Clothing

Cotton allows the skin to breathe. That’s something you want any time, but it’s especially important right now. The softness of cotton will also feel good against your skin. As much as possible, wear loose fitting clothing that makes you feel warm and cozy.

If you work at home, this won’t be difficult at all. Even if you need to meet with the boss or a client via a web conference, there are plenty of options for cotton blouses and shirts that will look just fine. No one needs to know you’re wearing your favorite pair of cotton sweatpants too.

Enjoy a Lukewarm Bath or Shower

Until the 48 hours are up, it’s best to avoid hot baths or showers. That doesn’t mean your personal hygiene has to suffer. Do enjoy a bath or a shower, but keep the water at a lukewarm temperature instead of hot. You’ll still feel clean but won’t subject your skin to the heat that’s not good for it right now.

Remember that you can make bath time even better by applying some sort of aloe vera lotion to the skin once you’re out of the tub or shower. It doesn’t have to be applied everywhere, although you can do so if you like. The soothing lotion can be applied to the area where you had the hair removed.

Take a Break From Working Out

While you do love working out, it’s nice to take a short break now and then. If you undergo laser hair removal treatments & colonic treatment at a Brooklyn beauty care, you have the perfect excuse to not work out. Strenuous physical exertion after session is not recommended. Let the 72 hours pass and then you can head back to the gym.

Remember that the goal of hair removal is to feel better about how you look. Take the proper precautions after a session and you will accomplish that goal. You’ll also feel a little better by pampering yourself a bit.

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