What Does it Cost to Get a Kitten Spayed?

If you have recently brought home a new kitten, you probably have several questions about how to best care for your new pet. One of those questions may be what does it cost to get a kitten spayed? This is an important question as choosing to have your kitten spayed can result in a longer and healthier life for you new furry friend.

The cost for this procedure will vary depending on where you have the surgery done. Those options will be discussed a bit later in the article. First, here are some good reasons to choose to have your kitten altered.

Whether your cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, there are compelling reasons to choose to have her fixed. Some owners think that if the cat lives strictly indoors, that having her fixed is not necessary. If you consider the health benefits, however, it’s clear to see that spaying benefits all cats.

Indoor cats

  • Health Benefits – Cats that are spayed have a much lower incidence of ovarian cysts, infections, feline AIDS and certain cancers. While there is some health benefit regardless of the age when the cat is spayed, to get the maximum benefit, the cat should be altered prior to its first heat cycle.
  • Less Aggressive – Cats that are spayed tend to be less aggressive than their intact peers. Having a cat that is less likely to scratch, bite and hiss makes life much more pleasant for everyone.
  • Less Racket – Every cat owner is familiar with the ear piercing crying that goes on and on and on while your cat is in heat. Having your cat spayed will end this incessant crying.

Outdoor cats

Outdoor cats enjoy all of the benefits above, but when a cat lives outdoors there is another factor to consider as well.

  • Unwanted pregnancies – Millions of cats are euthanized at shelters each year because there simply are not enough homes for them. As a responsible pet owner, you should do all you can to help stop more unwanted animals from being born.

Choosing to spay your cat is one of the most responsible decisions you can make as a pet owner. Again, having your cat fixed prior to her first heat cycle will provide the maximum health benefits.

By now you have decided to fix your cat, and it’s time to talk about the expense of doing so. You’ll be happy to know that this is not an expensive procedure, and there are options that will allow you to have your kitten spayed without having to pay full price like you will at the vet’s office.

While there are benefits to having your kitten fixed at the vet’s office, some people would have to struggle financially to make that happen. Below are a few options, along with an estimated price of what it will cost to have your kitten spayed at each of them.

SPCA and Other Local Shelters

Most local SPCA’s offer some sort of low-cost spay and neuter program. Usually, there are no income qualification guidelines for these programs, and anyone is free to use the services provided. The downside is that you do not know the vet that will perform the surgery. While a phone number is provided in the case you have follow-up questions, the personal face to face interaction with the doctor isn’t going to be there. Also, no pain medicine is typically provided other than the shot given right after surgery. Still, this is a great option for people on a tight budget.

Estimated cost: Between $50-$60

Other Low Cost Programs

Other organizations, such as PETA, often offer their own low-cost clinics. The price is typically about the same as at the clinics offered by the SPCA.

Also, some cities offer free spay and neuter programs for residents who meet income guidelines. The guidelines vary widely between locations, but if you qualify these programs are wonderful for people who want to have their animals altered but simply cannot afford the procedure.

Talk to your local animal control office to see if any such programs are offered in your community.

Estimated cost – Between $0-$60

Private Low-Cost Clinics

Some pet supply stores offer their own version of a low-cost clinic. Typically, a vet visits the location a couple of times per month and offers a variety of discounted health care services such as shots, deworming and spay and neuter services. While less expensive than a visit to the vet’s office, these clinics typically cost a bit more than the services offered by the SPCA and other shelters. While those organizations are non-profits, this type of clinic is a private business. Still, it’s a lower cost option that still gives you the option of requesting pain medicine and allows you to meet the vet face to face.

Estimated Cost: Between $80-$100.

Vet’s Office

Because your vet’s office likely has equipment that is not available at the other locations, this is the best place for your kitten to be should rare complications arise during the procedure. Also, taking your pets to one place for all of their health care needs allows one doctor to get to know you and your cats. This is beneficial in the long run as the vet will be familiar with your pet’s entire history. The other benefit of having your cat spayed by your vet is that this is probably the only place that will provide pain medicine for you to give your cat for a day or two after surgery. The other places normally provide your pet with a shot before she leaves, but that medicine wears off after about 12 hours. For some pets, that isn’t long enough.

Estimated cost: Between $125-$200

Now that your question, “What does it cost to get a kitten spayed?” has been answered, it’s now up to you to choose the location that will be most beneficial for both you and your pet. With so many options, you won’t have to put it off, and that’s good for the health of your cat!



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