What does it mean to shapeshift?

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4 Steps You Can Take Now

I had seen this word for years and been so attracted to it while also feeling that this had nothing to do with me. Shapeshifting was for werewolves and vampires, right? Shapeshifting happened in fairy tales and movies.

And then I got it.

Anyone can shapeshift. The werewolves and fairy tale characters were just mirroring an ability we each have in a dramatic, make-believe way.

Now, you are ready to receive the process symbolized in the lands of make-believe and projected onto the silver screens.

You can shapeshift.

Don’t worry; it’s nothing like in a sci-fi flick. It will give you a way to navigate uncertain, shaky times, and to detach from old ways of doing and being so that you can move into your Unstoppable Self.

Think of a time when your mood switched instantly.

Maybe you got excellent news or terrible news.

Maybe an old song from your tumultuous high school years came on, and you were immediately transported back in time.

Maybe a friend called feeling upset, and you were able to conjure, at that moment, your wisest, most reassuring self to support her.

That is shapeshifting.

You have probably been doing it without awareness for a long time.

Now, we will learn to do it with awareness.

You will learn to shapeshift from your stoppable, stuck, overwhelmed, fearful self to your Unstoppable Self.

Imagine this journey is like entering a magical container that will attune and activate you to a new paradigm. You will shapeshift out of old patterns of thinking and processing and into new ways of understanding life on an energetic and quantum level. On this level, you become highly creative, creating into reality whatever is calling to you.

There are 4 steps to this process:

  1. The greater the intention and resolve that you bring into this experience, the more ease you will experience in your shift.
  2. You will realign your entire life’s perspective from one that is predominantly focused “out” to one that is focused “”
  3. You will learn to live and create your life from energy rather than matter. Since energy precedes matter, this is the best way to manifest the changes and opportunities that you desire in your life.
  4. As you immerse yourself and say YES to these first three steps, you will begin to shed the skin that is no longer comfortable and shapeshift into your new skin, more authentic and powerful than before.

Shapeshifting Practice

I invite you now to think of something that you COULD do today. And it is something that you probably wouldn’t do if you didn’t have to choose it now.

It may be something you have been meaning to do or wanting to do for a long time. It could be taking time out for yourself in a bubble bath. It could be organizing a bedroom drawer. It could be calling a friend, starting to write your book, mending a hole in a sock, painting a painting, signing up for a class, having a conversation with your child.

Pick one thing that is totally accessible to you. You can easily do this thing today that you have, up until now, allowed yourself to procrastinate or avoid or deny yourself. If you can think of nothing else, turn on the hot water and dig out the bubble bath!

Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it. 

Where are you?

What are you wearing? Or not wearing?

How do you feel?

What is around you?

Who is with you?

What is it going to feel like to complete it?

What are you going to get to do now as a result?

How are you celebrating?

Imagine yourself sitting right where you are now REMEMBERING this experience.

Done! Complete! You “shapeshifted” into the you that had this experience, that overcame inertia to be the you that experienced it. You are a shapeshifter.

Now, instead of following up your ah-ha’s and visions with all the reasons why you can’t do it, you will shapeshift into the YOU that already has.

From this state of BEing, you will take new actions, one step at a time, until your dream has been made visible.

Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living, providing practical tools & practices that free your mind from limitations and scarcity to create more in your life that lights you up from the inside out. This article is an excerpt from her newest book, 30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible on amazon.com. Learn more at WhitneyFreya.com



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