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What Exactly is Ibogaine?

Addiction treatment comes in several different forms. Traditional rehabilitation clinics offer supervision during withdrawal, counseling, and support groups. Detox is one of the most harrowing parts of the rehabilitation process. It is physically draining on the body. Patients may experience a myriad of symptoms. These often include vomiting, trembling, and sweating. Severe cases may even result in strokes, heart attacks, and seizures. Medication is sometimes given during the course of detox. Ibogaine is an alternative treatment that is gaining popularity around the globe. It is readily available in several countries that include Mexico, Canada, and South America. Ibogaine is a product of a plant native to Central Africa that offers relief for addicts as they go through withdrawals.

The Source 

Native to Africa, the Iboga plant is full of alkaloids. One of these is called Ibogaine. It is found in large amounts in the bark of the root. This has been used for centuries by natives. They use it for cultural and medicinal purposes. Ibogaine is illegal in some areas, making it necessary to travel out of the country for treatment. It may be found illegally in some countries, yet this can lead to unsafe administration of the product. If ibogaine treatment is desired, it is best to research clinics that have experienced medical staff on hand.

Preparation for Treatment 

When you plan to visit an ibogaine treatment center, there are a few preparations that need to take place. You may need to plan to leave your native country. This is definitely necessary for those that live in the United States where ibogaine has been outlawed since the late 1960’s. Apply for your passport as soon as you make the decision to go. Express passports are expensive, therefore it is best to prepare ahead of time. Your travel arrangements may include a fee for airfare. Funding must be available for travel and payment to the clinic, as insurance usually does not cover alternative treatments. You also need to have a physical examination completed before you can be treated with ibogaine. Individuals with liver and heart complications should not be treated with ibogaine. Check with the clinic for other health requirements and risks.


Ibogaine is known for relieving withdrawal symptoms. The period of detox can be physically draining. Ibogaine eases the discomfort and limits cravings. Ibogaine clinics also focus on finding the cause of the addiction. This is different for each person. Some may become addicted by accident after using prescription painkillers. Others may turn to drugs as a response to a traumatic situation. Ibogaine loosens inhibitions in the mind and often helps addicts discover past trauma and reasons for drug use. Therapists then step in to help them heal from their past.

Ibogaine is known as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen. The result depends on the amount used. Larger amounts of ibogaine are more likely to cause hallucinations. It was used in France at one point as a prescription drug. Research has been limited in many areas. This alternative treatment is becoming more well-known around the globe as more people have tried the treatment.

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