What Should Be Included in a Bedroom Remodel

Planning a bedroom remodel can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Achieving your perfect bedroom can be accomplished easily with proper preparation and skill. We’ve highlighted a few features that you should consider when planning to renovate your bedroom.


A wise renovation starts with a proper budget. Determine the cost you are willing to spend on achieving the bedroom of your dreams. Depending on your budget, you can achieve small changes with big impacts or major renovations for an entirely new look.

Plan and Prepare

After you have established your budget, you’ll now want to make a plan. Figure out what you are seeking most out of this remodel and make sure you plan it at the top of your list. You’ll further want to decide what type of style and design you most want and prepare for the actual process of remodeling. Contact a contracting company if you will not be completing the remodel yourself, purchase or research what materials you will need, and check if you need any building permits at your local township building.

Walls and Flooring

The main structural features of your bedroom will include your walls, ceiling, and flooring. Determine what you are trying to achieve visually and start with a good base. You may decide to use carpeting rather than hard flooring for the comfort, and you may decide to add vaulted ceilings to make your room feel larger.


The color of your bedroom can have a big effect on how you feel every day. Choose colors that make you feel comfortable and that goes with your entire theme. You can also have an accent wall that features a bold color, a shiplap styled wall, or apply wallpaper for a personalized look.


Next, you’ll want to fill your bedroom with the appropriate furniture. You may purchase a new bedroom set or keep the one you had previously. Use furniture that is special and visually appealing to you, yet functional. 

Finishing Touches

Small details can go a long way especially in a bedroom. Things you may not have considered can make a big difference. From the color of your door knobs to an original farmwood sliding door hiding your closet or a simple new bedspread can be a small detail that provides a big impact.

When you decide to take the step into remodeling your bedroom, these factors should assist you in making sure you have checked all of the boxes. If you are still looking for the home of your dreams with the possibility to remodel a bedroom just for you, consider glancing at Calgary homes for sale for your next potential home.

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